1. Caught it with chicken breasts.

    Blue Catfish

    1. Melissa Cottrell 0
      having caught several big Blue Catfish in my days, for whatever reason when I first saw this fish, I was like “he looks like a 50 pounder in a tiny body” haha future ...more PB blue cat!
    2. Andy Lobos 0
      @Mike Apsey It was kinda cheap actually. XD
    3. Mike A. 0
      expensive bait
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  2. I wasn't exactly going after them, yet but somehow I manage to catch a catfish with a crappie jig. :P

    Channel Catfish

  3. I went to Freedom Park, didn't expect to catch this fella here actually.

    Largemouth Bass

  4. Last crappie catch it the day.

    Black Crappie

  5. Second fish of the day. :)

    Black Crappie

    1. Andy Lobos 0
      @Curtis Williams, at Fort Mill Dam near Lake Wylie.
    2. Curtis Williams 0
      Where is this spot located
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  6. First fish I caught.

    Black Crappie

  7. Wow...I never thought I would catch one but TWO flatheads! This one was unintentionally caught with a worm while we were fishing for perch and sunfish, by the secluded ...more area on Riverbend Boat access. The other one was caught under the docking pier, damn I never thought I would catch the same fish with the same bait with the same ROD. Sorry I'm just excited as you don't see these beautiful fish everyday. ;P

    Flathead Catfish with a Worm

  8. I was using my bass rod to catch bass. But it seems that I caught a catfish when I decided to reel it back because I wanted cast a different spot.

    Channel Catfish with a Minnow


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