1. after over a half mile of bushwaking threw bear country I found myself having one of the best days ever in the rain :P

    Chinook Salmon with a vibrax

  2. one of the prettiest fish threw the ice

    arctic char with a gitzit

  3. little cold but super fun

    rainbow with a home tied glow jig

  4. awfully fun on light tackle :)

    rainbow with a home tied glow jig

  5. no fish all day till this one slammed the dead stick screaming line and bending the rod like only a fatty would

    arctic char with a gitzit

  6. fishing in the cold isn't always the best but theres nothing like getting warmed up bye a biggin like this :)

    Northern Pike with a crocodile

  7. when the pole bent and the drag went I knew right away it was a trophy, theres always a bigger one :)

    Burbot with a hooligan


love the outdoors and of course ripn lip