1. went out in back yard lake after raking leaves,fished about 40 minutes ,my only bite this ole gal

    1 lb. 10 oz. 18.0 in. White Crappie

    1. Wow!
    2. That’s a huge fish
    3. Scott Sorrell 0
      That's a good one
    4. Steve Haines 0
      Nice catch
    5. Steve Haines 0
      Nice catch
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  2. walleyes were slow but the cat were killer in Sandusky Bay

    Channel Catfish with a shrimp & nightcrawlers

  3. caught a few cats with these walleyes at Lake Erie

    Walleye with a spinner baits tipped with nightcrawlers

  4. Lake Indy channel cats caught yesterday evening both about 6 lbs

    6 lb. 8 oz. 24.0 in. Channel Catfish with a chicken livers

  5. out in backyard again practicing social distancing in my honey hole


    1. Mr. Boatless 0
      yes I hear that West 62nd Street area is really good
  6. 2hrs this evening in back yard A couple crappie also


  7. getting ready to have lunch soon

    White Crappie with a minnows

    1. Griffin Lenz 0
      how many did you get today?
  8. got out to get some fresh air last night in the lake in my back yard. caught in about an hour black & white crappie also a few bluegills this lake is in Eagle ...more Creek area

    White Crappie with a minnows & red worms

    1. Creek Warrior 0
      Very nice! Were you catching them up shallow?
  9. White river blue catfish

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Crappie Blue gills Bass Salmon Lakers
  • Waterway Back yard farm pond/eagle creek
  • Lure Minnow

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