1. North Branch Susquehanna, 2.75" tube 1/8 oz jig. No rattle. 19.75", 4lbs

  2. North Branch Susquehanna, 1/8 oz Bitsy Bug/craw.

  3. 2 lb. 15 in. Largemouth Bass with a Black double Colorado spinnerbait w/pumpkin chartreuse grub trailer

    1. Mick Hunsinger 0
      awe ok that's plenty tyvm for your advice appreciate it
    2. Chris Romanchick 0
      3-7 feet. Good luck!
    3. Mick Hunsinger 0
      on the shallow side of lake how much water depth there??
    4. Mick Hunsinger 0
      Thanks a lot have a c lub tourn there in 2 weeks haven't been to this lake in ages
    5. Chris Romanchick 0
      There's a shallow weedy side that's heavy on coontail and probably heavy with algae right now. The other side has rock around the dam and along parts of ...more the shoreline. There's windfall scattered on the shoreline.
    6. Mick Hunsinger 0
      looks like lots of weeds
    7. Mick Hunsinger 0
      is here any rock or wood on the lake??
    8. jason lewis 0
      thanks for the info I'll be heading that way after the 20th
    9. Chris Romanchick 0
      panfish are on beds as of Sunday and walleye can be almost anywhere on that lake. I'd suggest trolling Lindy or Spinner rigs tipped with leaches or casting ...more hair jigs tipped with leaches. Keep the colors either real dark (black, purple, etc) or super bright (chartreuse, fire tiger, etc). Good luck!
    10. jason lewis 0
      Nice.. im looking for a guide for that lake for walleye and crappies do u know of any
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