1. 4 lb. 19 in. Largemouth Bass with a Crappie jig

    1. joe hernandez 0
      i need to find me a small pound in dallas so i can fine me some nice bass
    2. Tim Greene 0
      I saw that photo, those were nice! My old boat has been down for years, so I can't get out on the lake to catch them. My sons have a small aluminum that we load ...more in my truck and hit small ponds for bass.
    3. joe hernandez 0
      last week we caught 30 crappie that was a good day
    4. Tim Greene 0
      Thanks Joe, that was a few years ago though. I caught it when they were releasing water, but not a heavy release. Largemouths that size don't come often, mainly ...more fish for crappie and sandies there. They catch some huge cats there when the flow is good, a guy had one that went 55 a couple weeks ago and 7 total over 15 lbs!
    5. joe hernandez 0
      Nice need to try that spot
    6. Tim Greene 0
      Yes, they closed the parking area due to drug use and vehicle break ins. Cars are safe on the street during the day.
    7. Michael Schellhorn 0
      haven't gone out here yet but want to, where does everyone park? just side of the road on camp wisdom road?
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  2. 4 lbs, 19 inches caught at Joe Pool Lake spillway on a crappie jig