1. My pop caught a decent size catty with a hot dog

    Channel Catfish with a hot dog

  2. was a small catch but my boy was happy. was fishing for crappie and caught a catfish instead.

    catfish with a meal worm

    1. Dragon Scorpius 0
      Crappie at papago ? Which pond ? I catch gills n bass but never saw a crappie
  3. Three sunfish caught by my 11 year old

    6 in. sunfish with a night crawlers

  4. Took grandkids to Lake Pleasant yest. Found the secret to catching 15 - 10 to 14 inch stripers. Dillons frys and anchovies right by the dock 10 feet down.

  5. Details: catfish

    1. Wally Orzolek 0
      Nice Bob, you look like a past friend at tep, Wally O