1. My first salmon in Alaska!

    Pink Salmon with a Pink Spoon

    1. Julia Hollenbeck 0
      Thanks, Brad! Yes and I didn't even realize the scene exposed behind me until I saw the pictures!
    2. Brad Paradis 0
      That is an awesome fish. That view behind you is pretty amazing too. Congrats
    3. Julia Hollenbeck 0
      One of my favorites, Dennis! Waiting to wear it again!
    4. Dennis Musgraves 0
      I like your hat to Mom!
    5. Julia Hollenbeck 0
      Thanks Dennis!
    6. Dennis Musgraves 0
      Sweet Fish!
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  2. Welcome to Fishidy Mom! I can always count on your vote...Ty

    1. Dennis Musgraves 0
      I was just going to tell you to post your pictures haha!!
    2. Julia Hollenbeck 0
      You will think I am out of my mind, BUT I would like you to help me post the fish "I caught" while in Valdez, AK. Bad idea? Will you help me post it for ...more the weekly contest? (Yes, I just voted for you!)
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I learned everything I know about fishing in Alaska from www.alaskansalmonslayers.com