1. just checking to see how safe the boat Lanes are with the lake so low. anyone have any information? thinking about putting in at Cypress. thanks

    1. scott jaworski 0
      I agree...I guess the good thing about it being low is it'll make decisions easier. Stay out of the coves.
    2. Shawn Gearinger 0
      You don't need it to fill up that fast! It would get terrible muddy. I think they will keep it down. It appears the worst of the rain is over.
    3. scott jaworski 0
      Good point Shawn...I hope the lake does fill up. I've never fished it low like this and would probably be lost lol.
    4. Shawn Gearinger 0
      We will have to see how much of Imelda's rain falls above the lake. So far it has mostly been south of Toledo. It is still unfolding here, so stay tuned. Some ...more areas south of the lake has seen 30+ inches in 48 hours. If that moves north it could raise the lake quickly. It brings up the problem of holding the water for flood control versus working on the dam. Could become a problem.
    5. scott jaworski 0
      From my understanding they're working on the Dam until the end of Oct-Nov so it will be low until then.
    6. Jimmy Hayden 0
      With all this rain we are getting 9/19/19 it should be back up in a few days.
    7. scott jaworski 0
      I always do. fishing tournaments it becomes second nature now.
    8. Shawn Gearinger 0
      I would take it easy if your not 100% sure!! Wear your kill switch, it is the law now!
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  2. Wheres the Hydrilla on this lake? Anyone know?

    1. Charles Porter 0
      Not sure there is any Hydrilla in this lake. Plenty of Lilly pads though in Lucy's !!
  3. Details: Wheres the Hydrilla on this lake? Anyone know?