1. Caught this abnormally large Sockeye Salmon on the Upper Kenai.

    Sockeye Salmon with a Yarn Fly

  2. Memories of an Awesome Day on the Ocean! This is the biggest Yelloweye I've caught to date and I must say it's one of the coolest looking fish around!

    Yelloweye Rockfish with a Jig

    1. Julia Hollenbeck 0
      sure glad you won the weekly contest ~ you positively deserved it!!! (Dennis called my Salmon "cat fish" after I hauled it in!) Lots of laughs...
    2. Julia Hollenbeck 0
      Hey Christopher Cox! It's my fault Dennis didn't make that trip with you; it was scheduled during the same time I arrived up there - it's MY fault! Glad ...more you caught that fish though; it sure is big and pretty!!! :)
    3. Dennis Musgraves 0
      Congrats on the weekly winner... going to take a break and let some other people win now...lol
    4. Dennis Musgraves 0
      Haha good one Mom!
    5. Julia Hollenbeck 0
      Is that Big Cox?
    6. Christopher Cox 0
      Man you missed out on that trip! We should try and get together to make that happen again!
    7. Dennis Musgraves 0
      I feel the presence of a new "champ" - Thats a Unicorn
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  3. Caught this some years ago on Memorial Day Weekend. The earliest I've caught a King in the River! This was the last cast before closing time, what a rush!

    Chinook Salmon with a Inline Spinner

    1. Paul Ferreira 0
      And you doubted me that it was too early for kings......and I'm the one who got skunked! That night was awesome.
  4. Pulled this hen out of the sticks, these fish are absolutely awesome to fish for on the Situk!

    Steelhead Trout with a 14mm bead

    1. Paul Ferreira 0
      What a chromer
  5. One of my favorite species to fish for, check out the colors on the dorsal fin!

    Arctic Grayling with a Blue Dunn

    1. Christopher Cox 0
      LOL Yes!
    2. Paul Ferreira 0
      is that a wart behind the fin? LOL
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  6. Pucker Up, Butter Cup

    Dolly Varden with a 8mmbead

    1. Amazing photo. Did you enter this into the Braggin' Board!??
    2. Paul Ferreira 0
    3. Dennis Musgraves 0
      Hello Dolly!
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  7. Check out the tag next to the dorsal. First time catching a tagged sheefish.

    Sheefish with a doctor spoon

  8. One of my favorites...they may be small but they are a blast to catch!

    Coastal Cutthroat Trout with a bead head nymph

  9. Caught this fish early in the season on a nice sunny day. Chromer!

    Sockeye Salmon with a Coho Fly

    1. Bobby Tucker 0
      Oh Yeah
    2. Christopher Cox 0
      Thanks Jon!
    3. Jon Giacalone 0
    4. Dennis Musgraves 0
    5. Christopher Cox 0
      So Shiny!
    6. Dennis Musgraves 0
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  10. This 48" fish had to be forced through the ice hole as it was too big to fit. I was lucky to catch this one, fish of a life time for sure.

    Sheefish with a Doctor Spoon

    1. Dennis Musgraves 0
      Biggest fish I have ever seen pulled from a ten inch ice hole!


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Fishing Favorites

  • Species Sockeye Salmon/Steelhead Trout
  • Waterway Situk/Klutina
  • Lure Just a Bead