1. hows the season been for ya? been slow for me finally got a yak to stop grass bassin

  2. Top water

    Largemouth Bass with a Frog

    1. Aaron Bassmouth 0
      Nice one Aldo.
    2. Eddie Goode 0
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  3. Fishing for bluegill and got plenty of rock bass and even couple large mouth, with ultra light gear they put a nice fight, it's always fun

    Rock Bass with a Red Worm on a Bobber

    1. Trace Benson 0
      Get that junk fish out of here
    2. Gina Pierson 0
      I can't ever get anything to bite on red worms....good job!
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  4. I really need to get a scale!!!

    Large Mouth Bass with a Jerkbait

    1. Tj . 0
      ha we fish the same areas...nice catch
    2. Trace Benson 0
      that's about a pound and a half
    3. Gina Pierson 0
      Yeah...you do need to get a scale! Your followers are interesed!
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  5. This Pike was so tight to the weed line that I thought it was a snag when he hit it

    Northern Pike with a Spinnerbait

  6. It was the first cast after I switched my lure

    Small Mouth Bass with a Flutter Spoon

  7. I wish I had a scale for this one. This is my personal best

    Small Mouth Bass with a Jerkbait

  8. Small Mouth Bass with a Jerkbait

  9. Just a little baby Bass

    Large Mouth Bass with a Crankbait

  10. It was my last cast of the day

    24 in. Northern Pike with a Flutter spoon