1. Caught 20 today at Freeman Lake in Elizabethtown, Ky

  2. Crappi are hot at Rough River!!

  3. Details: Crappi with a Gulp 1" minnow Jig

    Kept a limit after catching 70 or 80 total.

  4. Details: North Fork Bridge

    great Crappi Spot. Lay downs along chunk rock next to channel

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      In rough river
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      Who knows good fishing spots
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  5. I've got one for you, Fishing at night 2 weeks ago for Crappi under the Big Green Monster. I was doing great, was even catching largemouth by first catching ...more small stripe on my jig them luring Largemouth to eat and swallow the small stripe. I had my third largemouth ( 3 lbs) coming in to the dock after fighting on 3 lb test line and just as I reached down to snag it, 2 OTTERS who apparently had been watching grabbed the bass and took off under the dock I was kneeling on. Grabbed it out of my hands!! It happened so fast that when the line broke my rod snapped back and hit the houseboat overhang and broke the rod tip about 6 inches down. I'm still stunned!!! So glad I had the chance to tell the story! Thanks guys for getting that off my chest!! Got an Otter Trap you could lend a fella? LOL

  6. Details: Big Island Stump

    Large Stump on mud point

  7. Details: Bartons Run Creek Sand Bar

    Shallow sand bar with small stumps, drop on both sides. Fish stripe and Crappl in spring.

  8. Details: Barton Creek

    Standing Timber Crappi Hole

  9. Details: Point @ Big Island

    Rock pile with brush at drop


Self employed, fish for recreation and love it!!!, Land sponsorships for Elizabethtown High School Team, produced "Fishing University" with Charlie ...more Ingram & Ray Brazer in Elizabethtown.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Largemouth bass, Crappi
  • Waterway Freeman Lake,Nolin Lake, Rough River Lake
  • Lure Jig