1. HEY LADIES -- join the group I created called
    LADY ANGLERS! ladies only!!
    post your recent fish!!

  2. My first sailfish, that I was too scared to get a pic with :(
    only made that mistake once and btw it was my second ever fishing trip and very FIRST HUGE FISH!!

    Sailfish with a ballyhoo

    1. Kirk Van Huis 0
      That's a nice one! Too bad though! We missed a chance to see that two piece again! lol 😜
    2. amber Roberts 0
    3. Jay Bernstein 0
    4. amber Roberts 0
      yeah i have had pretty good luck its very exciting and fun, I REALLY enjoy it its my fav hobby now and I use to be sooo prissy and girly LOL
    5. Rich Pardy 0
      You may be new but you have already caught more lobster and sailfish than me, good luck!! :)
    6. amber Roberts 0
      but at least I got another few months after that.. lol im new to fishing btw
    7. amber Roberts 0
      LOL right!! maybe i will just to see what it looks like, I was terrified of that thing so I didnt even touch it, I regretted it so badly afterwards :(
    8. Rich Pardy 0
      LOL, I could see your head popping out right above his left shoulder.
    9. amber Roberts 0
      and funny u say that my bf told me to do the same!!
    10. amber Roberts 0
      NO! thats cheating lol and already accused of that a few times before with my fishing pics, like really hell no LOL
    11. Rich Pardy 0
      Nice sailfish!! You can always crop yourself in the pic afterwards :)
    12. amber Roberts 0
      december 2013 west palm beach
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  3. My first lobster! A LOT harder than it looks!!

    FL Spiny Lobster with a stick and net

    1. Dennis Musgraves 0
      Voted! Rock lobster?
    2. Kirk Van Huis 0
      Ok I can't stand it anymore! VERY HOT PIC. lol sorry please don't have your husband hunt me down n kill me! lol
    3. amber Roberts 0
      yeah delicious!
    4. Kirk Van Huis 0
      Very nice! A little butter makes it all worth while though! Right! 😃
    5. amber Roberts 0
      yum yum lobsterrrrr! !
    6. tim noles 0
      hubba hubba hubba say what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    7. steve walisiak 0
      what lobster, did you say lobster what ????
    8. tim noles 0
      Keep on Fishing !!!!!!!!
    9. tim noles 0
      i think it was worth it...
    10. tim noles 0
      Yes but goood eating !!!!!
    11. amber Roberts 0
    12. amber Roberts 0
      yeah but id rather fish its scary in there!!
    13. tim noles 0
      thats cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    14. amber Roberts 0
      cant wait to get my lil hat and t shirt Ill post it when I get it!!!!
    15. amber Roberts 0
      @jon ok great ty!!!
    16. Jon Giacalone 0
      @amber, yes, you'll get a notification via email when that happens, and then you can invite them to your group
    17. amber Roberts 0
      ok @jon, do they need to accept me before I can invite them to the group??
    18. amber Roberts 0
      thanks rich! yeah im from up north too!! FL sure beats the hell outta MI
    19. amber Roberts 0
      cool thank you jon!! ill check them out and send an invite to join the group :)
    20. Rich Pardy 0
      Nice lobster, I always wanted to to that but not many lobsters here in Illinois :)
    21. Jon Giacalone 0
      Sorry, those link got a little messed after posting, try these http://www.fishidy.com/user/530e083a66b01708d01a4470 http://www.fishidy.com/user/515d89ca66b0171908a41425 ...more http://www.fishidy.com/user/5137e76d66b0170f7866e24b http://www.fishidy.com/user/5029678c41921606a811c135
    22. Jon Giacalone 0
      @Amber, kudos to you for creating your first group! Just an FYI on communicating with new members, you will need to "follow" members to be able to communicate ...more with them. Meaning by default, you are not connected to everyone on Fishidy when you first join. Here are several women anglers I know are very active on Fishidy you may consider following: http://www.fishidy.com/user/530e083a66b01708d01a4470, http://www.fishidy.com/user/515d89ca66b0171908a41425, http://www.fishidy.com/user/5137e76d66b0170f7866e24b, and http://www.fishidy.com/user/5029678c41921606a811c135. Good luck and welcome to Fishidy!
    23. amber Roberts 0
      Thanks and I know, didnt notice until I created a group for us women...and im like the only member....
    24. Ryan Cuff 0
      Nice pic / don't see enough girls on the site , keep up the good work
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  4. can someone tell me why my new pics arent showing as a "catch"?? ty

    1. amber Roberts 0
      ok thanks yes im trying!!! haha
    2. Jon Giacalone 0
      Amber, let me know if you still need clarification on adding catches. Based on what I'm seeing posted in your activity feed however it seems like you're ...more getting the hang of it!
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  5. mangrove snapper, almost got the limit every night!!! Also fought my first tarpon for about 8 seconds and it was ahhh-maze!!!!!!!

    1. amber Roberts 0
      BPK FL
  6. My 2nd sail, port st lucie june 2014

  7. He was just as cute as I envisioned....

    Hogfish with a Live shrimp

  8. nice fish

    1. Kirk Van Huis 0
      Sorry, jk no telling what's in saltwater!!! 😘
    2. Kirk Van Huis 0
      A hogfish? I have shot a hog. But never had one on rod n reel? lol Juno telling what's in saltwater!!! 😳
    3. amber Roberts 0
      thank you
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Newer to fishing and hunting but LOVING IT!!!

Fishing Favorites

  • Species mahi and hogfish
  • Waterway port st lucie