1. Details: Green Sunfish

    Caught this burning a chatterbait through grass. Let it sink to the bottom and slow roll it at first, then would burn it back the last 20 yards or so. Hit it 3 ft ...more from the bank. 2-6 FOW, stained with 1' visibility, 83° with 7mph winds.

  2. Ended the day with 10.44 pounds for 10th place at the last of the FAN series before the championship. Me and my partner were fishing in 6-14 FOW through big grass ...more mats. Cast the powerworm out let it sink all the way in the grass, slowly drag it through and then pop it hard out of the grass and let it sink all the way back. Let it sink, and pop it. That technique caught us 4 out of our limit.

    Largemouth Bass with a 1/4oz pegged 10" power worm, zoom super fluke

  3. Finally got a hudd! Can't wait to throw this thing!

    Largemouth Bass with a Huddleston deluxe 68 special green gizzard shad ROF 5

    1. Caden Leavell 0
    2. Caden Leavell 0
      Haha me neither man! It's been tough fishing on lbj! This Saturday will be my 4th time fishing there and I've only caught about 5 dinks the times I've ...more been. Hoping to change that this tournament tho!
    3. atxflyfishing 0
      not really but i might fish the one this saturday... not gunna lie i have no idea what I'm doing on lbj
    4. Caden Leavell 0
      @atxflyfishing do you fish in the tournaments?
    5. Caden Leavell 0
      For sure man! I don't think I'm gonna throw it until we get a limit tho. Just going for some kickers with this thing!
    6. atxflyfishing 0
      you going to throw it at lbj this weekend?
    7. jfisherman 0
      Nice youll love the lure
    8. Esgar Montalvo 0
      Got it. Thanks @C_levi97
    9. Caden Leavell 0
      Well for my first one I didn't want to take a chance on losing it deep. And I usually fish shallow in the lakes around me @Esgar272
    10. Esgar Montalvo 0
      How or why did you decide to go for the ROF 5? @C_levi97
    11. saylor_cline 0
      Yeah I am also going to try them in some ponds. Even though most won't have Shad the bass will still hit it
    12. Caden Leavell 0
      Yeah I've been wanting one for a long time, pretty pumped to start using it. I'm using a 7' 9" HVY Abu Garcia veritas 2.0 with a low profile reel ...more with Berkeley 20lb flouro @saylor_cline
    13. noah_preston 0
      Yah weedless is the way to go
    14. bigbass109 0
      I got the weedless and it's amazing
    15. saylor_cline 0
      What setup do you use?
    16. saylor_cline 0
      Just got two of the same a hour ago! Going to fish on lake Austin to. I'm excited
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  4. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Custom black and blue 1/2 oz football jig, black and blue craw trailer. Abu Garcia 7'6" MH veritas 2.0, lews tournament mg 7.1:1. ...more Berkley vanish fluorocarbon 14lb

    Tough tournament today. Only had a handful of bites. This was the only one I landed, but me and @TylersReelFishing still managed 5th place out of 17 with 3 fish ...more for 5.5lbs. Caught this nice 3lber in 11 FOW on a brush pile, slowly dragging the jig over the top and through the brush.

    1. Caden Leavell 0
      I had fun too man! Hmm that's weird! I heard only 17 people were on the board! @TylersReelFishing
    2. Caden Leavell 0
      Thank ya sir! Yes sir it was a tough day, the fishing should pick up really soon tho! @bassslayer420
    3. TylersReelFishing 0
      I had a blast man! There had to be more than 17 boats though. Clark was boat 30
    4. Jackie Ricks 0
      Good job man! Congrats fifth place is great! Especially with the way the weather has been.. The fish are hard to figure outb
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  5. Caught this chunky 3.5lber for the marble falls HS open tournament. This was the biggest of two that I caught for the day. In the last 10 minutes we fished the marina ...more before weigh-in, and I was working in between the boats with a deep diving crank and this one bit hard on the slow retrieve. Ended the day with 6.31 pounds for two fish.

    Largemouth Bass with a H2o express 10-15ft sexy shad crankbait. Abu Garcia 7' MH veritas. Shimano curado.

  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Savage gear 6" line thru trout in baby bass, abu garcia 7'9" H veritas 2.0, 25lb big game mono.

    Caught my first swimbait fish today! Small fish, but it was about 3 lbs from being so fat! Casted parallel to the bank in about 2 FOW slow rolling it over some grass. ...more This was one of the hardest hits I've ever had on a fish! I pulled the swimbait out of its mouth, but she inhaled it! I'm looking forward to catching more on swimbaits! Blue sky's, pretty windy, around 66°

  7. Merry Christmas y'all! New rods to add to the collection. 7'6" MH, and 7'9" H. I can't wait to throw these savage gear line thru's! ...more Hopefully catch a big one soon!

    Largemouth Bass with a Awesome family!

  8. First tournament at Lake Austin with @jonathangray ! We placed 2nd with 8.62lbs, 3 fish. I caught this 3-3/4lb chunk off a wall, in about 5 FOW. Casting to the bank, ...more bouncing it off the wall, and slowly hopping and dragging the jig on the bottom. Water temp-58°, outside temp 64°, clear and slightly stained water.

    Largemouth Bass with a Strike king 1/2 oz candy craw football jig,V&M split tail beaver trailer green pumpkin, 7' MH St. Croix rage, Shimano chronarch, berkely ...

  9. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Strike King white double blade buzzbait, zoom watermelon red super flukes with 1/4oz belly weighted hook, 7' & 6'10" MH st.croix ...more rage rods, shimano chronarchs.

    Awesome tournament yesterday! Finished 6th place with an 8.82lb bag! Sloooowly working a buzzbait barely breaking the surface, off of wind blown points and small ...more coves is what worked from first light til around 9:00, then used flukes the rest of the day and hammered the guads on underwater structure, and next to floating docks! I caught 12 total,biggest largemouth went 17", biggest guad went 14.5"

    1. Caden Leavell 0
      For the tournaments guads and largemouth have to be a minimum of 14" to weigh in! @dentdade2
    2. Denton Tammen 0
      Can you weigh in the guads
    3. Caden Leavell 0
      Oh haha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I just noticed that @fishON423 @SD_9
    4. Sutton Dole 0
      No I saw it too lol @fishON423
    5. Josh Parker 0
      1st glance, looked like a HUGE fish/whale jumping out of the water behind you lmao I must be tiredπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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  10. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a Various

    Met Gary Klein and Shaw Grigsby today at the fishing for freedom veterans tournament! 249 boats out today! Lots of good sized bags, and some very cool people!