1. Who else is ready for Spring? Less winds, and tight lines. When is the earliest you start fishing and why?

  2. 1 lb. 16 in. Freshwater Drum with a 3/8 oz Bobby Albert Jig with a Paca Chunk trailer

  3. 14 in. Largemouth Bass

  4. 15 in. Largemouth Bass with a KVD Pink Perfect Plastic Worm

    1. bennie gresham 0
      nice catch!
  5. Hybrid trout from the hatchery.

    16 in. Rainbow Trout with a Green/Yellow Worm

  6. So the girls were still swimming and I had to try it out. The IBobber synced with my phone immediately and gave good readings in shallow water from the bank. Tomorrow ...more we will be out in the boat so I'll test it in deeper waters. Here's a shot of it

    1. Sammy Young 0
      If you are going to make a comment Cole make sure you know what you are talking about. Then make sure you have a profile, catches of your own to show, and a more ...more positive attitude on here. Otherwise, keep it to yourself.
  7. Huge thanks to the guys at ReelSonar for hooking me up with their products to test. Thanks to Fishidy for allowing me to be an ambassador. I will be down on Table ...more Rock Lake this weekend and trying out their IBobber Fish Finder and Multi-tool. Reviews and videos to follow. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

  8. First kayak trip post heart attack. Nailed a few bass!

    Largemouth Bass with a 1/16 oz. orange/yellow roadrunner

  9. Go to YouTube, Sammy Young's Great Outdoors. I have a little page, fishing videos, and coming soon a review of my kayak and modifications. I appreciate everyone's ...more support.


Proud to be a Fishidy Ambassador and member of B.A.S.S.. I enjoy fishing just about anytime I can. It's a good way to stay in touch with nature ...more and provide sanity to the normal grind. Also gives me a way to spend time with family and friends who also love to fish. Hoping to learn more, catch more, and share more with others. Check out my videos on YouTube at Sammy Young's Great Outdoors.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Spotted Bass, Crappie, Catfish, Rainbow and Brown Trout.
  • Waterway Table Rock Lake, Stockton Lake, Pomme de Terre, Lake Springfield, Fellows Lake, James River, Finley River.
  • Lure YUM, ZOOM, REBEL, and Strike King

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