1. Details: Blue Catfish with a Hotdogs

    Fishing in a pond we caught two fish night fishing biggest one we got rigged with quarter oz weight down to 2/0 circle hook

    1. kaden holt 0
      Thanks @Nuzzo
    2. Nuzzo 0
      Nice fish
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  2. Details: Hybrid Striped Bass with a Live shad

    Not my fish just thought id share the info caught on live shad 1/2oz weight with 11/2 ft leader with 1/0 circle hook drifting points have produced well for us all ...more year round

  3. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Live minnows

    Fishing in a pond with live minnows 1split shot sinker 1/0circle hook with a bobber

    1. kaden holt 0
      I know this was a long time ago I was stupid then @troutfisher
    2. troutfisher 0
      It can hurt the fish if u hold it like that
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  4. My first two redfish the first one was 40" and the other one was 37" fishing 80lb test 4oz weight 2ft leader and 5/0 hook with a frozen American shad as ...more bait

    Red (redfish) Drum with a shad

    1. Mario Diaz 0