1. I figured it would be a tough day out there.i throw it on a 7' med hev vendetta 10 pnd test. What lake you usually fish? Thats crazy under 10 pnd took it.i fished ...more a open tourn.last month and it was just under 19 to the winner

    1. Kiwon Anderson 0
      I wish I could find those type of numbers...wateree gives me fits everytime i fish it, I have a club tournament there on Dec 20th. I fish Cooper River alot Lake ...more Monticello, Murray, Clarks Hill (Favorite) Marion and Moultrie
  2. JUst wondering how ya did sat.what was the winning weight and do you know what they were hitting on.

    1. Kiwon Anderson 0
      Not to good I caught a bunch of 13'' fish but only could get 1 that hit the 14' mark. I believe the winning weight was 9.45lbs for the district tournament ...more but there was also a CATT trails tournament out of Clear water cove and the winning weight for that tournament was a little over 14lbs. I caught all my fish on a Green pumpkin green trick worm on a 3/16 shakey head off of Docks but coudnt find anything over 2lbs....Back to the drawing board. What type of rod do you throw the Shad rap#5 on
  3. HEy man. I fished all day and nothing. Water is way low for some reason. My buddy fished the upper i fished the lower and we both struck out.good luck tomorrow

    1. Kiwon Anderson 0
      Damn…..Thanks for the info
  4. Open tourn ? Got some info on it?

    1. Richard Thrower 0
      no problem
    2. Kiwon Anderson 0
      Great!! hopefully I will get out ther myself Ill be in a red Nitro Z7 flag me down if you see me putting around out there
    3. Richard Thrower 0
      ive had some luck there in the summer but havent fished it lately.im off on fridays so i fish.ill be out there.ill let you know what i find.
    4. Kiwon Anderson 0
      OK I see where Molly is.....Have you tried the Humps in the mouth of Colonel?
    5. Kiwon Anderson 0
      Thats my plan but it wont be until the afternoon if I go because i have to work
    6. Richard Thrower 0
      you prefishing fri ?
    7. Richard Thrower 0
      if your looking at colonel creek.to the right on the main lake there is a small island to the right side up in there.thats molly
    8. Kiwon Anderson 0
      Cant locate Molly creek.
    9. Kiwon Anderson 0
      I havent been pass Beaver creek(coming fro Clear water Cove)so I would have to look Molly creek and steelhouse point on the map. I tried the small point to the ...more right just before you go under the bridge on Friday with a SH with no luck not sure if thats what your talking about but im checking the map right now. I really appreciate the insight
    10. Richard Thrower 0
      ok. you know theres always at least two real nice ones on the points at the bridge on beaver creek.and i caught a couple of keepers up in mollly creek where theres ...more a flat rock leading in the water.did good at steelhouse point also.of course this was last wed.
    11. Kiwon Anderson 0
      Not an open tournament...its a District tournament for the local bass clubs
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  5. Silver black back. Shad rap 5

  6. Fishing off a rocky point. About 3' deep then wham!

    Largemouth Bass with a crankbait

    1. Kiwon Anderson 0
      Thanks!! I Have a Tournament this weekend so I'm trying to get all the help i can get.....i absolutley stink it up everytime I fish wateree
    2. Richard Thrower 0
      shad rap5 silver with black back
    3. Kiwon Anderson 0
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  7. Haveing good luck lately on spinner bait and shad rap 5

  8. Catching a bunch of smaller bass on a shallow crankbait. Where are all the larger ones hideing?

  9. Details: 3.11 oz. largemouth with a crank bait

  10. My fiance caught her first big bass at sunset


Like crappie fishing but man im hooked on hunting largemouth.

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