1. I usually don't take pics of gar but that's the biggest one I've landed. 6lb test

    20 lb. 12 oz. 52 in. Longnose Gar with a jig

    1. Clint Deer 0
      Great job Eric. Dang the world record only weighed 40 pounds!!!!! Congrats my friend.
  2. I've had some health problems this year, sure is good to be back on the water!!! Handful of nice hybrids on spoons

    1. Eric Moore 0
      Thank ya'll for the kind words!
    2. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Nice hybrid and nice having you back on the water too Eric!!
    3. Melissa Norris 0
      nice catch😀
    4. Alvin Randolph 0
      Awesome catch Eric....I pray that you have a speedy 100% recovery....
    5. Eric Moore 0
      Thanks guys! I'm going every decent day now. I went from 4+ trips a week to missing three months so I've got some lost time to make up for!
    6. Wade Bowles 0
      Nice catch. Glad to hear your health is coming back. Fish often, keeps you healthy.
    7. Rich Pardy 0
      Glad ya kicked the health problems and back to fishing, nice striper!!
    8. Drew Gierach 0
      Nice fish and glad you're back on the water!
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  3. My wife with her two biggest of the day last week 14 and 15"

    White Crappie with a jigs

    1. Eric Moore 0
      From Seven points to Hamilton creek checking brush piles I think those two came from seven points, hard to remember, we hit a lot of piles
    2. Micah Cale 0
      What part of lake
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  4. Riprap, took my father and law out after some eaters

    Channel Catfish with a worms

    1. Matt Denton 0
      Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely have to try Old Hickory next time.
    2. Eric Moore 0
      That sucks man! I fish priest all the time but not for cats. I know they are starting to hit the riprap on old hickory though. I caught 20+ several times last ...more year the middle of this month. Shallow with worms or minnows under a float.
    3. Matt Denton 0
      That's awesome! I wish I could have a day like that! I've been bank fishing a few different spots on Percy Priest with a variety of bait, and can't even ...more get a bite.
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  5. Trying a different pic, still learning lol

  6. 41 lb. Blue Catfish with a bluegill

    1. Eric Moore 0
      Thanks, There are a few good ones left but I would much rather be on the Tennessee River any day! It's gotten kind of spotty down here on the big ones but let ...more me know if you're coming in and I'll for sure try to help you if I can.
    2. N Johnson 0
      Man that's a nice one. My brother wants me to come go with him to old hickory. I see I need too after seeing that monster. I mainly fish ky lake lake Barkley ...more and ky dam. Just in my area. But I'm a full blown bigcatt hunter. Ain't nothing like it. I wouldn't mind getting a couple tips from you since you already know those waters would be highly appreciated. Keep me tuned in.
    3. Eric Moore 0
      615 519 0624. Give me a shout, I go by myself a lot and I'm always looking for someone to go. I may even end up out there this evening
    4. Mitch Shubert 0
      Yeah I tried to catch skip there while back and had no luck at all everyone I've talked to has been getting them up at Cordell hull dam I've finally got ...more me a boat now so am able to fish more spots still learning all these techniques on these big blues would love to get with someone one and kinda watch and learn
    5. Eric Moore 0
      Below old hickory dam in front of the spillway, has to be done from a boat on that side. There's not as many big ones up there as there used to be but if you're ...more willing to spend some time and use large bait, preferably large chunk skip "if you can find it"also very hard to find skips there nowadays you'll get a big one up there every once in a while
    6. Mitch Shubert 0
      Where was this at
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  7. I found a few crappie in a buddies pond lol 150ish

    1. Eric Moore 0
      I was asked to remove all the crappie I possibly could, feel free to let me know if anyone else has this wonderful problem!
  8. Been tearing up the stripe on the Cumberland here lately!

    1. Eric Moore 0
      Stripe/white bass. With 1 sauger and one cat
    2. Christopher Pereira 0
      what are those?
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  9. 17 in, swallowed the Lure and didn't make it. First one I've ever eaten :(

    1. Christopher Pereira 0
      Heard they're good, never tried one myself, but keeping a medium sized fish now and then only helps the system
  10. First river walleye I've seen in years at the Hick

    23 in. Walleye with a pearl slider

    1. Scott Schulte 0
      Excellent fish
    2. Christopher Pereira 0
      Nice one
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I'm an ex king mackerel and ex fly fishing guide. I just fish for fun now mainly for large cats, hybrids and stripers. I work only so I can ...more afford to fish. Lol

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Blue cat
  • Waterway Wilson lake
  • Lure Skipjack and slider