1. GREEN BAY S,10 -26 -14 830,boards mainly 2 walleyes one about 10 inches other one was 5 lbs. ,24 inches .wind after 4 am around 6 mph nw was 9 mph all night. ...more first time in that part of green bay south, I must say pay attention on what your doing if your leaving to fish while its dark.we had a hard time departing and heading out do to the fact that there were so many bay marker lights on the water . we did figure it out in day light the way the bay there is set up.could be dangerous if you never been there before like us.

    1. john szeliga 0
      my bad 24 inch ,5 lbs ,nice day on bay never been to the south before.
    2. Rich Pardy 0
      Way to let them big girls grow up even bigger, nice walleye!!
    3. john szeliga 0
      adams 24lb 5 lb..relesaed
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  2. fishing a busse woods small tournament hosted by mike Jackson who writes for the daily herald. many years ago cost to enter was 5 bucks .start 6am weigh in1 pm. ...more when I registered I found out it was for bass, walleye, crappie, cat fish. weeks before I been catching crappies at the dam, when I signed up I ask the guys how's the crappie doing and they laughed at me and said they have not seen any in months.so I walked back to the dam, with a slip bobber and jig and fished for hours before the sky's darken, as I was fishing I seen my wife pushing the stroller with my daughter heading my way ,as to say I was not happy because of the weather. they just wanted to say hi.so I got my wife to leave in time for this massive thunder storm to hit me.as of the time , I only got 6 crappies total since around 630a to 1230,weigh inn now 1pm. crappie category me 6 fish and no others with crappies' won first place which was 200 cash and a Jim grant custom light fishing rod value at 200 dollars .happy happy I am going home now in the storm ,running up the hill to my front door with my gear ,the door was locked ,knock, knock she comes to open the door in the rain me squeezing in the house as the front screen door closes on my Jim grant custom rod snapping the upper in 2 pcs. upset as one can imagine but it was a happy win for me only to know that no one had any crappies but me.

  3. stripe rs

    1. john szeliga 0
      good days back then hard water fishing.
  4. current in creek

    warm discharge below dame in pool eddie

    1. john szeliga 0
      yes nice spot there have not fish there in years my self,i fished busse every week end cause i lived near the hospital.i have more pictures i can up load.
    2. Jon Giacalone 0
      Spent many days fishing this area when I was a kid, especially the warm water discharge just north of the spot you marked. Made the cold winter days a little more ...more exciting to still be able to fish open water!
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  5. flats

    1. john szeliga 0
      younger days
  6. fishing flats post spawn mid summer

    20 in. large mouth with a rubber worm slip bullet

  7. root river,18 pounds king fall run.

    1. Rich Pardy 0
      Great pic of a big ole king!
  8. root river ,back in the day.

    1. john szeliga 0
      thanks belive it was arond 10 lbs.
    2. jeff bennett 0
      nice one
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  9. sheep head fishing for walleye ,nothing new.

    1. john szeliga 0
      lake winnabego
  10. my own fly's, drifting in a deep pool below the dam,breaking ice off eyelids in order to keep fishing. st croix 7-8 weight fly ,sinking rod around 2002

    steel head with a wolly booger


born in windy city,avid outdoors men,hunt ,fish ,ride ,shoot, reload. road construction job.off in winter to drill holes at my local lakes, ponds.

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  • Waterway gb,wi ,browns lake,root.
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