1. 12 lb. 5 oz. 31 in. Walleye

    1. Sarah Haffner 0
      Nice fish!!
    2. Melissa Norris 0
      nice job 😀
    3. Robert Coleman 0
      Nice Eyes Scott!!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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  2. 31.5”

    Walleye with a smithwick

    1. Jeremy Horton 0
      Nice eyes
  3. 3rd over 30

    30 in. Walleye with a sucker

    1. Scott Chevalier 0
      Bout 13". Heard two trucks went through near Kipling.
    2. Kirk Weir 0
      How much ice is on lbdn
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  4. Goin on his wall

    30 in. Walleye with a sucker

  5. 3 over 30 this day

    31 in. Walleye with a rapala

  6. Quite a few around 11 inches.

    11 in. Yellow Perch with a jig

    1. Scott Chevalier 0
      Out in the flats and around the reefs on bigger sections of 20-22'. It's definitely a different bite than in shallow. Once you mark them don't give up. ...more I put a permanent out there Thursday where we did good last week. Started off slow. Moved 20 yards to where I thought was more exact and marked fish almost steady.
    2. jason nixon 0
      Awesome,thank you! Kipling reefs or?
    3. jason nixon 0
      Awesome, thank you. Kipling reefs or?
    4. Scott Chevalier 0
      Deeper water. Over 20'. It's a tougher bite than in shallower but once you figure out you'll be rewarded
    5. jason nixon 0
      Took the kids out a few times and havent found any over 5in, nice catch guys! Any suggestions on where to find the bigger perch?
    6. Shawn Gearinger 0
      Two good eaters! Great catch!
    7. Rich Pardy 0
      Nice perch!!
    8. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Nice! There seem to be a lot of people catching perch this year!
    9. Jerry Krupinski 0
      Bragging Rites with Fond Memories. Nice Catch and Good Eating.
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  7. Fast morning thursday getting 4 keepers and a bunch of small ones both tip ups and jigging.

    Walleye with a sucker/shiver

    1. clark miller 0
      on 12 .5 inches of ice with Chevy 2500 and 14 ft enclosed trailer ... ice is good so far so was the landing
    2. clark miller 0
      thanks.. we moved to the flats ..26 fow ... tip ups with suckers and shiners mark in fish one flag so far. here for 20 mins. prolly won't move for a ...more while ..
    3. Scott Chevalier 0
      Not a lot of fish out there... Make sure your using big suckers. If you didn't buy them up there they're probably too small. I'd be in 18-25'. Pick ...more a spot you think is good and stay. I rarely move there more than once.
    4. clark miller 0
      went out of days today am. hopin around on 11.5 inches of ice.. reef to reef. no fish so far. pretty sad any advice ...... where are the fish.
    5. clark miller 0
      we went off Kipling went out to second reef and a then to the flats .. marked fairly well. 2 big perch few lil ones and 2 pike 21and 22 in. snakes very slow. ...more 4 guys ... left at 430still mark in no bites to days landing ice was getting hard. had 12 OK inches ice. going out in am probly out of days but not sure not
    6. Scott Chevalier 0
      How far out you go? Another guy was mile off days with truck and no luck also.
    7. clark miller 0
      made it out today with the truck and shack ... few pike few perch. slow
    8. Scott Chevalier 0
      Id say that's pretty similar to what I've seen tim
    9. clark miller 0
      OK we'll be out tomorrow got big rig truck and shack we came up from lake Winnebago.. checked ice tonight drove on but didn't drive out .... ifffy. ...more probably fire out of Kipling in am. and hope ice holds out. we were gonna start by 2 reef... thanks for the info. much appreciated
    10. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Yeah, I was structure fishing on Saturday. I probably marked 50+ fish. I caught the biggest mark of them all, and it was 16 inches. Like you said, it's a good ...more sign for the future. I'm not sure where all of the "eaters" went to. Last year everything I caught was either undersized or 23"+. I used to catch a lot of 17-22" fish. All of last year that size walleye just didn't seem to exist, at least for me.
    11. Scott Chevalier 0
      That's a tough one... I'm going up again sometime this weekend and am planning on taking side by side out. I do have tracks but don't think getting stuck ...more with truck will be issue. Just some spots out near flats that had few inches less maybe iffy? I would think out to second reef would be fine for sure.
    12. clark miller 0
      hey Scott nice catching do you think driving is out of the question now
    13. Scott Chevalier 0
      Tim, I've been up 3 times this year and have caught more undersized than the last 3 years total I think. Little annoying but good sign I guess.
    14. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Very nice! I was out on Saturday and caught a bunch of small ones.
    15. Rich Pardy 0
      Nice walleye!!
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  8. Great early season catch. Limited out in 1.5 hours. Kings and rainbows

    Chinook Salmon with a spoon

  9. Big early season king. 26 pounds

    Chinook Salmon with a spoon

    1. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Awesome fish! If they are already in Sturgeon Bay that means they should be coming into Fairport soon!
    2. Eddie Goode 0
    3. Drew Gierach 0
      Holy crap!
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  10. 28 in. Brown Trout with a thunderstick