1. Details: Spotted Seatrout with a DSL only

    Curious?? I never make my post public because I use this app as a fish journal. Does anyone else do that? I was looking today and have 159 catches entered, maybe ...more I'm defeating the purpose of the app but I am posting this now to reach out and work with others... mutually of course.

    1. kenny thompson 0
      Never really thought about it. Not a bad idea.
  2. Reefs

    Spotted Seatrout with a only down south

    1. kenny thompson 0
      Speckmasters is solo. I have fished the Galveston trophy trout series and really liked it but this past year Brent upped the entry fee and at that time was too steep ...more for me. Giving the speck tacular a run this year. Hopefully I can swing the trophy trout series this year. Speckmasters is still up in the air. Fished it last year and didn't fare too good. Guy I fished with was stuck on his spots and wouldn't listen to my advise and LO and behold most of the big fish that weighed in were caught where I suggested to fish.
    2. Rob Steckler 0
      I probably am. I talk myself out of every tournament I want to fish in. A couple years ago I entered a few of them and those were the only days I wouldn't catch ...more a thing. I feel more confident now after tracking the fish for a couple years and documenting each catch throughout the year. So short answer is likely. Is speckmasters a solo or is it team?
    3. kenny thompson 0
      Rob, you gonna be doing the speckmasters this year?
    4. Tim Yockey 0
      Nice Trout!
    5. kenny thompson 0
      Nice trout Rob!!! Down south great baits!! Great action!!
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  3. Solid limit of two species

    Spotted Seatrout with a down south lure

    1. kenny thompson 0
      Solid trout and flatties!!!
  4. Details: Spotted Seatrout with a chartreuse paddle tail

    Glitter under belly drifting Hannah's

  5. Details: Sand Trout Specks Reds with a shrimp, trout lines, red body white tails, chicken boys, everything

    Lots of small trout and reds

  6. Details: Trout And Sheepshead


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  • Species flounder reds and specks
  • Waterway Galveston
  • Lure Down South Lures