1. Details: 30 in. Northern Pike with a Minnow

    Slip Bobber

  2. casting

    16 lb. 48 in. paddle Fish with a jig

    1. Mike Reilly 0
      48" Overall length 6 lb. test line. Guess the weight to be 15 to 20 lbs. First Paddle Fish for me in (60+yes.)
  3. Details: 1 lb. 2 oz. 15 in. Sauger with a Jig and Minnow

    under bobber

  4. hows the fishing

    1. Mike Reilly 0
      A little slow for me.
    2. glowing moon eye 0
      i have some more picture that I will be uploading
    3. Mike Reilly 0
      Looks like the fishing has been good for you! Nice.
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  5. Details: 4 lb. 18 in. Catfish with a Jig and Minnow

    4 lb. cat caught on jig and minnow


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