1. I am headed to Lake Conroe for Spring break, starting tomorrow. I will be fishing for the next 4-5 days. I will be staying on the south-east side of the lake. What ...more patterns and baits do you guys recommend? Thank you in advance.

    1. Oliver Love 0
      On south side of lake focus on boat docks with crankers and or soft plastics. Fish the La Toretta banks between the 6-7 boat docks. these are some tips for largemouth.
    2. Grant T 0
      Bass are in the shallows in Conroe. Dark colors will be best for bass. Blacks, dark green, and dark blues Chrome and blue traps work well.
    3. jackie powell 0
      Let me know how the Crappie are doing , but you maybe fishing for something else. Later
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  2. Does anyone have experience using the built in fishing forecast/ hourly tips on fishidy? If so did it help and was it accurate?

  3. Details: 1 lb. 6 oz. 14 in. Largemouth Bass with a Watermelon Red Dinger (Texas rig)

    Pitched a dinger texas rig by brush in the water.

  4. Saturday I got (1) bass about 14.25". No picture
    My cousin caught a big goo on a spinner, I hate when that happens. I caught the bass in Penwaugh on a watermelon-red ...more Dinger.

    1. Maria(Mary) Vessey 0
      I hear ya... Maybe next time.
    2. Andrew Rosson 0
      The fish was bleeding so I wanted to get it back in the water ASAP.
    3. Maria(Mary) Vessey 0
      Wish you had a picture...
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  5. My brother and I are fishing lake Conroe this Sunday (4/3). We will launch out of stow away marina. We have not fished lake Conroe since the summer. What is a good ...more area to fish? What are the bass currently doing, what lures are working best? Thank you in advance.

      Fish coves and pockets with lipless crankbairs
  6. Well it looks like I am fishing lake Livingston again, this Saturday. A few questions, are the bass spawning yet? Should I fish Penwaugh or Kikapoo? Should I fish ...more soft plastic, spinner or crank? Weather has been nice. Wish me luck and if I catch, I will post pics and details. Note: I fished for black bass spring break weekend on Kikapoo and had absolutely no luck, not even a bite.

    1. m m 0
      I am going to livingston tomorrow and was wondering if you could give me any tips. any help would be greatly appreciated!
    2. Andrew Rosson 0
      Will do thank you John.
    3. john smith 0
      I just got back yesterday from the lake.The water was muddy at the state park.there a few fishermen out but the catching was nada.I was fishing a couple of creeks ...more and the water was just too muddy.I was hoping the crappie were spawning.Let us know if you go how the water looks at that part of the lake.Good luck.
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  7. I am fishing Lake Livingston again this weekend. The weather seems to be better. What do you guys think the black bass are biting on? Anyone know if the bass are ...more up on their beds yet?

    1. John Fitch 0
      Andrew if you have a question about Livingston go to the waterway and post your question there that way anybody who follows Livingston will be able to see it.
  8. I am taking a friend of mine fishing this weekend 3/12-3/13. He has never fished fresh water. I fish Lake Livingston maybe 5 times a year, as my grandparents have ...more a lake house on Kickapoo creek. Not to far from Kickapoo Bait & Tackle. So needless to say my day consists of trying to find out what the bass are doing. We are going to fish for black bass. What bait should I use and where should we fish? I would appreciate any info. We just want to have a good weekend of fishing. I usually use watermelon red or green pumpkin senko's.(Texas rig) Also shallow diving crank baits 2-4 feet.

    Thank you,

    1. John Morgan 0
      No, I can not fish this weekend at al because I have to work. I doubt if you will find clean water for 3 weeks out there after this rain. So I bet if you can get ...more a couple of fish in the boat that you will be in the money. I will however be fishing the Big Bass Splash in April. You should take a look at that. Last year it rained on me all but 30 minutes. The best thing in the boat was the bilge pump.
    2. John Fitch 0
      You crack me up John. Are you going to the Lake Houston Anglers Club meeting tonight?
    3. John Morgan 0
      Based on the next 3 days of weather, you may want to just catfish.
    4. kenny thompson 0
      Wish i could've helped more. I gotta get me a freshwater fix.
    5. Andrew Rosson 0
      John and Kenny thank you for the input.. White bass is always a fall back haha... We can usually limit out on them at the water fall.. Or main creek...
    6. kenny thompson 0
      He's in the same boat as me, well haven't fished fresh in 30 yrs. I fish Galveston. Like John said the bass and trout have been unpredictable.
    7. John Fitch 0
      I would say that the bass have been a little unpredictable this year with the odd weather we have been having since winter. So all I'm going to say is good luck ...more and make sure to show us what you catch. The white bass will probably be at full force up in the rivers and creeks this weekend with all that fresh water coming in.
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