1. Looking for someone to go fishing with. I am a retried Environmental Health and Safety Coord.
    Me and my Wife moved down here from Northwest IN. Love it here in ...more Woodstock GA. But we don't know many people yet and I would love to find a fishing partner.

  2. Caught a 16" White Bass by the pier at Victoria Landings on lake Allatoona yesterday using med. shads for bait.

    1. Thomas Hile 0
      they seem to be hiding under docks that are in deeper water about 15 to 20 feet.
    2. Dimitry Karalov 0
      On which part of Allatoona it is better to fish bass?
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  3. Would anyone like to go fishing with me Wednesday on lake Aliatoona

    1. Daniel Baker 0
      I was looking for a way to contact you direct. We are heading south to visit our daughter's family near you and look at condos/homes. One is in River Edge/Park. ...more If you'd like, my email is dbaker5028@gmail.com Try me there and maybe we can set something up.
    2. Thomas Hile 0
      When you get down here give me a call and i will show you around. Their are several good likes for great bass and crappy fishing. we also have gars and other large ...more fish. Do you have a boat?
    3. Daniel Baker 0
      BTW, River's Edge is a place we have on our list. We also have a listing 2 miles or so from Allatoona.
    4. Daniel Baker 0
      I thought it looked like a Packer's hat but you never know in GA. I fish in northern WI annually, near Eagle River. Love it! We are looking for a place in/near ...more Woodstock. Our two granddaughters (and daughter and spouse live in Woodstock. We're planning a visit after Thanksgiving and hope to see some units.
    5. Thomas Hile 0
      Thats my Packer hat. one of many.There is a very nice housing complex here in Woodstock it is called rivers edge at river park.
    6. Daniel Baker 0
      I'm in Harrison, OH, but am looking to move to the Woodstock area. Love to fish. I'll stay in touch. Is that a Packer or Bulldog hat? I'd love to ...more get together if we relocate.
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  4. Hi Tim glad to have you as a buddy, Hope to see you on the water some day.

    1. Tim V. 0
      Same here. I've been paddling a lot at Lake Acworth recently.
  5. Taking daughter out on boat today. Going to be a nice day.

  6. Hey Thomas, look forward to meeting you as well. hopefully will be back on the water soon. Sold my Bass boat and am looking for something a little different. Maybe ...more by the end of the month or first part of next month we can meet up somewhere.

    1. Thomas Hile 0
      sounds good to me. just let me know, i check my board daily.
  7. Worked on boat today, All new dock and anchor lines.

  8. Hi William glad to have you as a buddy, Hope to see you on the water some day.

  9. Lake was very nice today. but no fish for me.

  10. My boat slip on Victoria Landing. Nice place very friendly people.


Retired Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator. Worked for Anco- Federal Mogul for 40 years. The Wife and I moved down here a year ago and ...more we love it. We just find it hard to find someone to fish with, don't know many people down.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Bass, crappie, catfish, (All Fish)
  • Waterway Lake Altoonia GA.
  • Lure Fake Minnow