1. dinner. 5-22-20

  2. Caught dinner today. Tough bite though, had to work hard for these.

  3. my son and I caught these a few weeks back at brookville lake


  4. had a good day. 3 nice walleye and about 20 crappie.


    1. tony vickery 0
      what was using for bait
    2. Jay C 0
      Nice haul Mr. Francis!
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  5. White Crappie

    1. Joshua Krieg 0
      Ok - thank you!
    2. G. F. 0
      these were caught on structure in about 10 feet of water
    3. Joshua Krieg 0
      Sounds awesome - good work! Any tips on location for crappie? Trying to get my kids on some and minimal luck so far.
    4. Bill W. 0
      Are they on structure or suspended in open water?
    5. G. F. 0
      The walleye should be on again about now. Hoping to limit out tomorrow
    6. Ronald Howell 0
      Greg we had several that would exceed the 14 inch board. A couple tyhat we caught were pushing 16-17 inches and weighed over 2 lbs. Best fishing I have ever had. ...more Hope to make a fall trip this year too. Nice catch of your own there also.
    7. G. F. 0
      Yes mine too. That board is 14 inches
    8. Ronald Howell 0
      That should read 10 to 12 inches. Nothing under 10 in.
    9. Ronald Howell 0
      Just came back from 13 Days at Brookville. i live in Florida and go there every year to cfish with my Brother in law who is from North Salem. We caught several Wall ...more Eye (15 to be exact). Numerous white crappie and numerous Black Crappie. Not to mention white bass and catfish. This is my all time favorite fishery. We also caught several Smallies and a few largemouth.The numbers we caught there are amazing and the quality of the catch is even more so. We were only keeping crappie that werte over 1-12 inches the last 3 days of our trip. We had no trouble getting the big ones. This was a trip of my lifetime. Can't wait to get back.
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  • Species Walleye
  • Waterway Brookville Lake
  • Lure Rapala