1. First cast into feeding fish with birds feeding as well! Caught 2 over 36" this weekend.

    Striped Bass with a 5" swim bait in ghost color

    1. Regan Bonny 0
      THATS HUGE!!!!
    2. Regan Bonny 0
      THATS HUGE!!!!
    3. jeff mcelroy 0
      awesome catch
    4. Daniel Mitchel 0
      Nice striper!!
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  2. 23” Walleye trolling Strike King 6xd an hour before sunset.

    23 in. Walleye with a Strike King 6xd

    1. Jimbo Harwood 0
      Great fish!!
  3. 21” Walleye trolling 15 feet deep.

    Walleye with a Strike King 5xd blue, white, yellow

  4. Two 13” Crappy from kayak with Berkeley Flickr Shad.

    Crappy with a Berkeley Flickr shad

    1. Michael Masterson 0
      That seems to be pretty typical.
    2. Drew Mackay 0
      Thanks, I did pretty well the first few days but haven't done much the last few days.
    3. Michael Masterson 0
      1 or 2 ounce egg sinker with 2 to 3 foot leader.
    4. Drew Mackay 0
      Hey Michael, when you are fishing with shiners for stripers how do you rig it?
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  5. Caught from Dock in 30 feet of water. Caught at surface.

    Striped Bass with a KVD Caffeine Shad Ghost

    1. Michael Masterson 0
      I wouldn’t trust forecast. It will change. Fish may go deeper.
    2. Drew Mackay 0
      Just checked the weather and it seems all rain. How's the fishing when it's rainy?
    3. Drew Mackay 0
      Thanks for all the advice Michael! Hopefully I have something to show for it in a couple weeks.
    4. Michael Masterson 0
      That’s what I use with live bait. I use deep diving crankbaits that go 25 to 30 feet. Strikeking 6xd, 8xd, 10xd.
    5. Drew Mackay 0
      Sliding sinkers, 2' leader with shiners? Anything else that works deep?
    6. Michael Masterson 0
    7. Drew Mackay 0
      With warmer water do the fish go deeper?
    8. Michael Masterson 0
      Yes. I usually throw everything I can. This lake changes daily. Not one thing always works. What worked today may not tomorrow. With the water warming the last ...more 2 weeks have slowed. Hopefully will pick back up. Kind of a transition I think right now. Last year June and July were good months.
    9. Drew Mackay 0
      That's great stuff, thanks man! Is it worth bring anything but the 9mm flicker shad and KVD swim shad?
    10. Michael Masterson 0
      Usually troll center of coves in “s” pattern. Crooked Creek is the long cove on south side of island f. Usually full of fish this time of year. Seems like most ...more fish I see are 15 to 30 feet deep.
    11. Drew Mackay 0
      Thanks Michael! Do you troll deep water or shore lines? I'm staying at one of the branches just SW of island F. I may hit you up again when I'm out there. ...more I appreciate it!
    12. Michael Masterson 0
      Early morning at dawn or at sunset.
    13. Michael Masterson 0
      Most people use live bait mostly Shad.
    14. Michael Masterson 0
      Hickory Star area is a good spot for stripers right now. Found that stripers really like KVD Caeffine swimmin Shad in ghost color and Berkeley flicker Shad 9 mm ...more in natural colors. In spring I throw swimbaits into striper boils at surface. Now more trolling crankbaits at right depth.
    15. Michael Masterson 0
      I only use flouracarbon on Norris.
    16. Drew Mackay 0
      Any color of line? I use braided a lot but I fish in Texas muddy water. Norris is pretty clear, what do you use?
    17. Drew Mackay 0
      Hey Michael, I'm heading to Norris for a week in mid June. Some family friends have a Lake house near hickory star. Wanting to find a couple Stripers and you ...more don't seem to have any issues finding them, ha! Any tips for a first timer?
    18. Billy Mulligan 0
      Nice girth man!
    19. Matthew Bricking 0
      Ceder creek?
    20. Jimbo Harwood 0
      Nice catch!! monster!
    21. Michael Masterson 0
      Yes Striper. They list them under White Bass.
    22. Scott S 0
      Stripped Bass
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  6. 22 in Walleye trolling with bait bouncing off bottom in shallow. Walleye hit at deeper drop off.

    4 lb. 22 in. Walleye with a Strike King 6xd (white belly/black back)

    1. Marty Murray 0
    2. Michael Masterson 0
      We moved down here full time in April from Indianapolis. We have had a house down here for about 3 years.
    3. jerry brooks 0
    4. Michael Masterson 0
      Beech island
    5. jerry brooks 0
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  7. trolling at about 15 feet. Just under 4 pounds.

    Smallmouth Bass with a StrikeKing 5XD (Powder Blue back Chartruese)

  8. Caught 2 trolling with a Flickr Shad at about 10 feet at sunset.

    Striped Bass with a trolling Berkley Flickr Shad (Black/Silver)

  9. Caught 2 Smallmouth and 1 Largemouth in late afternoon.

    Smallmouth Bass with a Flickr shad crank bait

  10. 12.5" and fat!

    Bluegill with a nightcrawler

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Smallmouth, Largemouth, Walleye
  • Waterway Norris Lake
  • Lure spinners, crank baits, plastics