1. Great day for fishing. Caught couple perches, cats, and a pair of pickerels. Finally the season has started.

    Tiny Pickerel

  2. Caught first smaller size Pickerel on a live bait. this one was caught on a crankbait.

    Pickerel on a crankbait

  3. Night fishing pretty shallow, when they start feeding on the Herring.

    3 lb. 6 oz. 25 in. walleye with a Crankbait

    1. Bobby Clark 0
      ops see it was a crank bait
    2. Bobby Clark 0
      hey Prze, what did you use to catch him?
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  4. 1 lb. 13 oz. 19 in. pickerel with a trolling

    1. Donald Baliga 0
      Skinny fish
  5. 3 lb. 1 oz. 25 in. walleye with a Crankbait

    1. Donald Baliga 0
      Two for one
  6. 6 lb. 2 oz. Walleye with a crankbait

  7. Nice congratulations. I like this Bay early summer when there is still little vegetation. I have been hearing good results on sunken Island but never could catch ...more anything there.