1. Broke my Abu Garcia rod and my ultra light Shakespeare so I decided to pull the trigger on a fly fishing kit. I fish all lot of pressured lakes and pods and I can ...more see how a more natural approach could be more appealing to the fish. So I found this rod kit on eBay for $30 and figured why not. I taught myself how to use a baitcaster and now its time to learn once more.

  2. Details: Common Carp with a Night Crawlers

    One of the carp my 8yo brother landed on the private pond we were given permission to fish the other day. I was having such a hard time keeping him from reeling ...more in the bait then as soon as this guy took hold all you could hear was me yelling, "REEL REEL REEL" lol we had a ball.

  3. Details: Bluegill Sunfish with a A wide array of natural and artificial lures

    Took my youngest bother to a pond that hasn't been fished in over six year. I was lucky enough to know to the owners youngest son so I got permission to fish ...more for the night. We caught everything from pan fish, lmb, sheepshead, to bull heads, blue cats, and carp. It was a successful day to say the least. Can't wait to take this little guy out again soon.

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      @sportsfisher ?
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      What the hell is that
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  4. Details: Largemouth Bass with a See picture

    The only fish I got to catch this morning before my rod broke. Beautiful sunrise over the lake. Around 64° out. Clear skies. Slow rolled the square bill all ...more the way back to the dock and this guy snagged it up just as I was pulling it out of the water. Weighed in at 1lb 14oz. Not a monster but I'll takem.

  5. Well my morning started out poorly so I decided to hit the water around 7am for some therapy. I landed a 1lb 14oz lmb on my second cast and could feel the worlds ...more problems beginning to fade. A few casts later this happens on the retrieval. I don't know how you ever break a rod there. Oh well, I guess this just gives me a reason to give Duckett rods a go.

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      Micro guids are a pain to thread the line through....id just go all star
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      Depending on the brand, just send if back, especially if it was on a retrieve. Daiwa and Abu have always sent free ones back, not sure on other brands.
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  6. Details: Mirror Carp with a Corn n beauty

    She always catches bigger fish than I do 😒😏

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      Nice mirror carp.
  7. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Strike King KVD 1.5 silent square bill sexy sunfish

    Third fish all morning. Casted next to a down tree parallel to the bank. Made a big splash due to a high cast. Started a fast retrieval because I figured I had scared ...more any lively fish away from the area. Little did I know this guy thinks he's jaws or something and digs those kinds of things. No long arm here. Roughly 14in. Couldn't get my scale to work properly.

  8. The thumb doesn't lie

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      Is that your thumb?
  9. Seen a lot of poor handling techniques lately. Let's do our best to respect these animals that way we can have the chance to catch them again next year. Good ...more luck this season guys.

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      That is literally your profile pic
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      My pleasure @Bwiser . I'm fairly new myself and can't get enough of it. Keep educating yourself and if you have an old timer in your life that fishes soak ...more up everything you can. Good luck!
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      Thanks for the info! I just got into bass fishing and I didn't know that holding them like that could hurt them. Always good to learn new things so the bass ...more survive after being caught.
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      Right on. Good luck this season.
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      Alright man my bad I just didn't want a hypocrite telling other people what to do
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      @TheREELdeal Good call man. That was my first bass over 3 lbs in 2012 when I first began my angling journey. I harvested that fish along with a few other nice lmb. ...more I've taken steps to improve since.
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      I hate to be that guy but you are holding the bass the way you are telling us not to in your profile picture.
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  10. You can't buy happiness but you can buy fishing lures and that's pretty much the same thing.

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      Well spoken
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      ^^^^x2 you said it
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