1. Robert, my family and I are brand-new to fishing on Pickwick. We would love to get our girls excited about fishing for Croppie. We have our pontoon at Eastport and ...more are wanting to see if you could help direct us on where is a good place to catch Crappie, and what lures, jigs bait works best on that lake. Any direction you can give me would be greatly appreciated! I am hoping our first trip fishing will be this Saturday. Would love to have enough for a good fresh fish meal.

    1. Robert Replogle 0
      fir crappie head across lake from eastport there is several small coves on west side with docks and brush, go under the small bridge on that side and fish with minnows ...more under floats 3 feet deep around the boat docks and wood cover. You will need to adjust depth some times to find the bigger fish, use a slip bobber to quickly adjust depth and make casting easy if you ike trolling try horsehead spinner jigs with lime green or white grub tails fished close to bottom, but minnows and bobbers are real family fun. up into bear creek past roe trail park there are several large bays with plenty boat docks to fish around and brush, if you catch one keep fishing that spot because more are usually there also. Good Luck
  2. Details: bear creek spawning area

    great gravel and sand bottom with deep water close to future spawning beds with wood cover or rocks that fish hold next to

    1. Turley Muller 0
      I am going to have to get down to bear creek area. Our house just north of yellow creek so fish around there and behind State Line Island. Sounds like y'all ...more good some great fishing down that way
  3. Details: prespawn bass

    spawning area bass 2 to 6 ft deep next to wood cover and grass hitting slow baits, jerk baits, senkos and tubes fished slow with long pauses , bass not coming out ...more to chase down baits just picking at them 3 caught with lots of other strikes good size fish spread out around area warmer water in area

  4. Details: Cypress creek

    mouth of creek scattered stumps with shelf

  5. Details: out side point in bear ceek

    grass and rock piles split up into several groups with ideal water and structure elements combined to hold numerous bass, jigs, worms, plastics spn bts, crk bts ...more and top water with frogs, worms flukes soft swm swbt in grass will catch bass, try different depths and edges to pull bass out of grass spring time use rattle traps

  6. Details: bear creek old channel

    the old creek channel 20 plus feet with the old banks in 12 to 16 feet with a sharp drop into the old creek well defined depth changes and fish hold ability and ...more easy to see on electronics. If you have mapping it is loaded on the map, if not look for bridge on east side and slowly go west and watch for large depth change nearly in the middle and have a marker ready. Have some marker buoys (4 to6) handy to drop out along the shallower inside and outside turns. Bass are holding along the old channel, deep crank baits, 8X 10X and Rap DT 20 fish the creek channel with a deep driver will catch some fish, have a Sammy ready for schooling fish will show up and move around a lot.

  7. Details: deep water next to grass beds

    find deep water next to big weed beds and you will find bass, every deep drop we caught bass. I use a green shade of tube in 17 plus water and more than 1 bass came ...more from same place this one area, look for similar depths changes in other areas. Shad moving in grass or skipjack feeding is a dead giveaway bass are there. A shallow square bill or a worm on a slider header will also catch fish, some of these spots will hold so many bass I have caught over 50 in 1 spot so give it a twice over to find the right combo.

  8. Details: grass beds top out

    grass beds have top out all over the lake bass are hitting a soft plastic frogs fished around edges, white produces best for me using Stanley frog and double hook, ...more early morning and late afternoon and night for frog during the day a popper in shad pattern has been a constant bait to put bass in the boat

  9. Details: waterloo and Bearcreek

    schools of shad are on the move and bass are feeding on them look for scattered shad schools and fish points and humps where they are ambushed by schools of bass ...more or watch for skipjack jump while feeding and bass will be close by. Pop R's types of baits are deadly and have a rapala shadow jerkbait because some of the bigger bass feed deeper will kill'em. shad patterns work best for me.

    1. Chuck Gresham 0
      Good Luck to you Ryan Tyler
    2. Ryan Tyler 0
      Chuck, I do too. What a small world.
    3. Chuck Gresham 0
      Thanks Robert, your info is appreciated as I have a youth tourny there on Sat. with my Grandson.
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  10. Details: deep weed line

    20 feet deep with scattered rock piles with a well defined weed line that is well known spot fro producing big fish and lots of fish use of electronics is important ...more to stay on the spots and find bottom structure and catch fish on the weed line

    1. Nathaniel Strickland 0
      Sounds like u had a good day!!


have bass and crappie fished pickwick for 40 years, since I was 10 years old till I turned 50, from the pickwick dam to wilson dam and have seen ...more it grown to be a great bass lake. this site creates the new method of finding great areas and what to fish with and do some showing off of great fish that the lake produces. This site will teach you something every time you look, with someone sharing their secret or good spots to everyone. thank you to everyone who shares their information

Fishing Favorites

  • Species bass both small and large mouth
  • Waterway Tenn River system most time on pickwick and wilson and below pickwick dam crank baits
  • Lure crank baits and tubes, bright greens are good for smb and smoke mixes have been steady bait always