1. Spot on a drop shot swim bait

    2 lb. 7 oz. 18 in. Spot with a swim bait

  2. Caught at old raised roadbed

    3 lb. 4 oz. Striped Bass with a white 4 inch fluke with white darter jig

  3. Caught in shallow pocket Thursday afternoon when water warmed 5 degrees. 4" fluke paddle tail with pro-cure shad scent.

    3 lb. 10 oz. Striped Bass with a Swimbait

  4. Fluke 4" paddle tail. 2/0 circle hook. Carolina rigged, Hooked up after finding the shad. Water temp 5 degrees warmer in the pockets. Used pro-cure shad scent.

    2 lb. 6 oz. Spotted Bass with a Swimbait

  5. Trolling at mouth of Maple Creek.

    3 lb. Striped Bass with a Hopkins spoon, white

  6. Nice bass in 2 feet of water. Way up the end of Wilson Creek. Caught on zoom 6 inch junebug color, rigged wacky style. Looks like something tried to eat him recently, ...more scraped up on side. Also caught some hybrids/stripers on little bomber style crankbaits in same area. Saw lots of bait fish on sonar.

    3 lb. Largemouth Bass with a 6 inch zoom worm - junebug color

    1. Fred Smith 0
      This one liked a Bass Patrol deflection jig with a junebug Zoom trick worm rigged wacky, through the egg sack
    2. Fred Smith 0
      Thanks. I use topwater and shallow running crankbaits and jerkbaits in coves and pockets.
    3. Deltafishing . 0
      Nice one. Fred do you use top water lures much?
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