1. Nice fat 21".....Again, brought in for a quick pic, then released

  2. Pops with a fatty that we quick took a picture of and then released

  3. A nice 20" waldo released to be chased again at a later date

  4. Selective harvest is a good thing!

  5. Overall a very successful opener and good way to start off 2017, especially for inland Northern Wisconsin waters.

  6. Pops with a big largemouth, especially for the northwoods

  7. Another jig n minnow muskellunge

  8. Gotta love springtime and it's rituals!!!!

  9. Post spawn feed bag was on!!!!


Fish mercer Wisconsin and the north woods of Wisconsin, NW Ontario, and anywhere else I can hunt walleyes. Live in Charlotte, NC Currently and ...more have to settle for average of 6-10 double digit bass a year now instead until my summer trips back North'

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  • Species Walleyes, Muskie, Bass