1. Caught alot of fish but this one was the best

    Largemouth Bass with a z-man chatterbait

    1. Chris Chorbajian 0
      Good job bo
    2. I Kiki 0
      That's a nice fish!
    3. Derek Stitt 0
      Nice one!
    4. Eddie Goode 0
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  2. Going to be fishing Kentucky Lake this weekend (bass). Fishing the Northern half of the lake. Anyone have any recent info on what the fish are doing or the lake? ...more Thanks.

  3. 3 lb. 2 oz. Largemouth Bass with a Spinnerbait

  4. Details: brushpile

    brush pile next to docks

  5. Details: Point

    1. ethan g 0
      Caught 20 fish on 4/4 at Nolin mostly on crankbaits. found them stacked in the back of a cove with a creek running in it, water was 60 degrees while mainlake was ...more 55.
    2. Ted Myers 0
      Fish were on main lake/secondary points
    3. Ted Myers 0
      Tough fishing on Rough 4/4. Lake came up 5' overnight. Water heavily stained to muddy and 52-55 degrees. Tourney winner caught 3 fish on shaky head. Second ...more on gold jerkbait with 2 fish. Third 2 fish wacky style weightless sinko.
    4. ethan g 0
      I will be on Nolin this Saturday. Last weekend caught 9 fish all on points, nothing over 2 lbs though.
    5. Ted Myers 0
      Nice. Any other pattern? How deep and how far back into the coves?
    6. john bales 0
      I fished a club tournament at rough Saturday and got 2nd place and big fish. It was tough fishing. we had 5 bites and caught 4 all on crank baits. had 13.08 lbs. ...more big fish 6.7.
    7. Ted Myers 0
      Ethan check my post on Nolin. Just fished tournament there last weekend.
    8. Ted Myers 0
      Thanks John. Looking forward to it.
    9. john bales 0
      im fishing rough tomorrow. ill post results sunday
    10. ethan g 0
      I haven't been on Rough since December, so I don't know much. Will be fishing Nolin the next 2 weekends.
    11. Ted Myers 0
      Anyone got any info on Rough. Got a small club tournament there first week in April.
    12. ethan g 0
      Nope, doing some online scouting for largemouth in couple months
    13. Matt Goetz 0
      You crappie fishing?
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