1. Details: Smallmouth Bass

    Good pic of the fly i was using . God Is Good All The Time

  2. Details: Black Crappie with a fly

    caught 3 nice crappie on the fly they were hanging out on the edge of current. god Is Good All The Time

  3. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a leech fly

    went out and caught my personal best bass on a fly .let the fly drift with current the used short quick strips to work it back.He put up a hell of a fight on my ...more 3 weight rod .God is Good All The Time!!!

    1. trideman 0
      Those smallies put up a great fight. Just wait til you hook into a 3-4 pounder
    2. James Scott 0
      Thanks @BIGsmallie
    3. Paul Lukas 0
      Congrats on the first of many­čĹŹnice one
    4. James Scott 0
      thanks man,thats my very 1st smallmouth
    5. Gunner Newberry 0
      Awesome man! Congrats
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  4. gut hooked this guy a couple of days ago but 1st bass on the fly ,not always pretty but its a part of fishing ! God is Good All The Time

    1. Jean-Pierre Alkarra 0
      @skeetfree you dont even have one man
    2. James Scott 0
      its a part of fishing .....
    3. James Scott 0
      ik lol not always pretty is it
    4. skeetfree 0
      Terrible pic!!
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  5. Good Picture of the fly i was using is great for all species lol God Is Good All The Time. Blessings and Tight Lines to everybody

    1. buddyN 0
      Good job!! Thats a great fly to, it is called a carpnasty. Its one of my main go to flies for clearwater carp fly fishing!
  6. Details: Black Crappie

    caught a few crappie today on the fly ! caught them in about 2 feet of water under a tree! he put up a great fight !God is Good All The Time.

    1. James Scott 0
      not if you practice,i threw my line around in the backyard for a few days and watched a lot of youtube videos before i actually took it out on the water .But now ...more that im doing it its was all worth it
    2. trideman 0
      Nice fish, is fly fishing hard to learn?
    3. James Scott 0
      yea its my 1st fly rod so its all i know lol
    4. King_Fisher 0
      Nice you like it?
    5. James Scott 0
      @King_Fisher its a redington 3weight combo i got at gander over the winter
    6. James Scott 0
      @biglock Will do and thanks !
    7. King_Fisher 0
      Awesome fish! What reel us that?
    8. biglock 0
      Yes sir. Keep God in your life young man
    9. James Scott 0
      i havent tried on my fly rod but i got one of those sam super sensitives from walmart its 10ft lol everything feels like a monster on it
    10. biglock 0
      Have you ever tried an open face reel on your fly rod. Not trying to tack away from the sport. You can cast like normal. With all the same benefits. It will change ...more your life.. Lol.. He is the Great "
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  7. Details: Hybrid Striped Bass

    nice striper on the fly! Had a greatday today caught him in about 5 feet of water in the middle of current .God Is Great All Time .

  8. Details: Channel Catfish

    Good pic of the fly i got him on

    1. James Scott 0
      thanks !
    2. James Scott 0
      i thought has a big boy carp lol he was the best fight of the day
    3. John478 0
      Cat on the fly that's awesome
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  9. nice catfish today off the fly ,put up a greatfight .I was fishing in about 4 feet of water with a pretty slow current .I was fishing one of the shallow edges and ...more this guy slammed it .God Is Good All The Time.

  10. squirrel tail marabou spinner. im ready throw this out there and see what smacks it !God is good all the time

    1. FishAK5280 0
      Did you shoot the squirrel? That would make it even better!!!
    2. James Scott 0
      Thanks! @Pabucks and @BrandonScottAlt i appreciate it .Blessings too you guys and tight lines !
    3. Brandon alt 0
      I like you. Glad I followed you. Turned nothing into something
    4. Brandon alt 0
      Dude that looks fantastic
    5. Steve Toth 0
      Looks awesome man.
    6. James Scott 0
      thanks ! im gonna give a shot tommorow and see how it goes
    7. Swamp Mafia 0
      Looks good
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