1. 31.5" full bred striper caught on live herring

    10 lb. 31.5 in. Striped Bass with a Live herring

    1. Frank Moro 0
      They go after the same baits as the small ones do, it's just luck. The first I had on was in late April in the middle of the day twitching jerkbaits for smallies. ...more The second was after dark last week.
    2. William Tregidgo 0
      30lb?! Those are the ones I want lol. What do you use to catch them in that size range?
    3. Eddie Aponte 0
      I need this in my life lol
    4. Frank Moro 0
      I call them smallies on steroids. I've lost two this spring at the boat that were around 30 pounds.
    5. William Tregidgo 0
      Yea these full breed stripers are beautiful fish, and powerful too
    6. Helena Nash 0
      Stripes r soooo defined!
    7. William Tregidgo 0
      Thanks Chris. I heard from friend that a few guys have pulled in striper 4x this size, about 40lb
    8. Chris Wehr 0
      Great fish! I certainly plan on targeting striper in the future.
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  2. 27" trout

    8 lb. 10 oz. 27 in. Rainbow Trout with a Live herring

    1. William Tregidgo 0
      Thanks for the info Steven. Looked like a hybrid to me lol
    2. Steven Frymoyer 0
      That is brown trout. Only brown trout males get a jaw like that plus browns lose their color and go silvery when they are deep.
    3. Brian Sudul 0
      Slammer for sure... congrats
    4. William Tregidgo 0
      Haha, Yes it is Jessica. I have a great looking filet in the freezer waiting for me for the weekend
    5. Jessica Melendrez 0
      That's gunna be some good eating lol
    6. William Tregidgo 0
      Definitely a surprise lol. Biggest trout I've ever seen come out of the lake
    7. Chris Wehr 0
      I bet that was a surprise when you landed it.
    8. Frank Moro 0
      It almost looks like a brown/rainbow hybrid. haha
    9. William Tregidgo 0
      Originally I thought this was a brown trout but the hint of pink on the head and silver body makes me think it's a rainbow. When we piled it in I couldn't ...more believe the size of this thing. My buddy thought it was a rogue salmon lol
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  3. Fishing has been difficult, few fish but the ones being caught are large

    1. William Tregidgo 0
      Not at all. It's large with an abundance of fish. Then again I have been fishing it for 30 years lol. If you like catching smallmouth bass there's no better ...more lake in the region in my opinion. Musky and pike are a little hard to find. They also have walleye and bass tournaments. The trout fishing is slow this year. Large striper, I even saw some 20-30 lb carp swimming in my cove a few weeks ago. Pickerel are everyone in the weeds. Large channel catfish everywhere
    2. Helena Nash 0
      Is this a tuff lake to fish?
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  4. Details: Sunny point

    20' depth off point

  5. My buddy caught this beautiful 27" brown trout at about 9:30 on a live herring about 3ft below the surface. Only fish we caught all night

  6. i'm new to fishidy, wanted to say hey. finally caught my first pack striper a few weeks ago. I'm over in Sunny Point. I like to think my cove is one of those ...more few secrets you spoke of. this time of year between 9pm-3am my cove is PACKED with late night top water and bottom feeding activity. it's loaded with shoreline stripers, huge smallies and med-large channel cats. largest cat i've caught off the dock so far was 17lbs. at about 2 am on some sunken stink bait i left without touching it for about 2 hrs. not too shabby for not traveling in the boat. anyway, i'll be trolling shumans point and the state launch area over the next couple weeks in the twilight hours. any advice on how to catch a large striper in the north end?


Been fishing Wallenpaupack my entire life (31 years). Looking to share tips on catching large striper and share some of my own secrets as well. ...more Happy fishing!

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Striper (31"), brown trout (27"), channel catfish (32"), smallmouth bass (19")
  • Waterway Lake Wallenpaupack
  • Lure Live herring, live herring, bloody bloody gulp bait, 3-5" bomber silver/black