1. anyone havn any luck out there?

    1. Mitch Mielke 0
      Nope. Haven't got a bite
  2. any action on the puck as of late?

  3. anyone been doin any good on the puck for panfish or eyes? or the river towards montello?

  4. any ice action?

    1. Zack Bierman 0
  5. any activity out there? has the fishing slowed??

  6. anyone have luck on far east end?

  7. anybody have any advice on catchn some big northerns

    1. ben kissling 0
      thanks guys ill give it a try this weekend. ive always fished the slop in the bays w little success. ill have to switch it up. the river is narrow and always filled ...more w boats so im afraid the fish have seen every lure there is but maybe ill give it a try
    2. jeff bennett 0
      The bite is on now
    3. Tim Steinmetz 0
      I've never fished Lake Puckaway, but in general I like to break out the musky tackle for big pike. 10" Jakes and Bull Dawg Magnums have been best for me.
    4. Nick Dahmen 0
      They're liking weedless swimbaits also
    5. ben kissling 0
      thanks!! the river on the west end?
    6. Zac Timm 0
      Spinnerbaits down the middle of the fingers up on the river is almost a sure thing.
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  8. anybody having any action out on puck??

  9. anybody been out on the puck or in the river?

    1. Steve Trokan 0
      I would definitely try the river first this time of year. Grandfox,west end
    2. ben kissling 0
      thanx for the intel. i may give it a try next weeknd. i never know wether to fish the lake or the river
    3. Steve Trokan 0
      Buddy was out 2 wkends ago on the river ,all males, all short
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