1. got 8 crappies earlier in the season , 3 under 12" ( won't keep any under 12 ) 1 12" , 3 14" and a 15" at Heideke , with all of the weird ...more weather this year took awhile to find them , i think mother nature has been smok'n her own homegrown ?

    1. thomas knopp 0
      believe me , there are a lot of good size fish out here , we just need to put back the little ones and let them grow ! because of the screwed up spawn this year ...more i'll bet there will be some really good size crappies next year
    2. Jacob Hardy 0
      I was just telling a buddy of mine I want to take a little tiny boat out to the stumps of Cherry Creek and try to slip bobber with some Fatheads
    3. Jacob Hardy 0
      I thought these fish only where in Wisconsin I didn't think they got this big out here those are beautiful
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  2. i didn't have a scale but is was around 6-7 lbs and on my last cast

    Striped Bass with a 1/8 oz chartruese jig head with 3" white tail

  3. fishing shoreline with a slow retreive

    2 lb. 8 oz. 17 in. Striped Bass with a 3" white twister tail

    1. Thomas Jones 0
      Caught 20 catfish at Lasalle Lake the largest was 10lbs
    2. Thomas Jones 0
      I will be at LaSalle lake tomorrow 🎣
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  4. around marker 38

    Smallmouth Bass with a 3 " white twister tail

  5. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a 3" twister tail

    around marker 38

  6. smallies around marker 38 3"white twister tail about noonish

  7. Details: 4 lb. 18 in. Smallmouth Bass with a 3" twister tail , white

    shore fishing got a pig of a smallie , thought i had a snag , until it started peeling line , released at edge of water as are all of my fish are , did not get a ...more pic because he made his escape as i was attempting to grab him

  8. Details: 1 lb. 10 oz. 12 in. Smallmouth Bass with a 3" white tail


I love to fish & golf

Fishing Favorites

  • Species small mouth/large mouth bass
  • Waterway any waters
  • Lure 1/8 oz. chartreuse w/white twister tails