1. Smallmouth Bass with a Tube

    1. chad moyer 0
      Thanks man. Smallies been slow bitin the last few weeks. Hoping it picks up with the higher water levels and warmer temps!
    2. Jim Smith 0
      Healthy fish!,
    3. chad moyer 0
      Only gonna get better...big females should be stackin up soon.
    4. Rich Pardy 0
      Nice smallie, Im ready for some of them.
    5. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Nice smallmouth!
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  2. Largemouth Bass

    1. chad moyer 0
      I'm not sure I haven't been out for 2 weeks now. The last time I was out the ice was not flat at all. Snowy patches and alot of high spots and slush ice ...more on top.
    2. cindi sharma 0
      how is the ice for skating?
    3. Justin Nawrocki 0
      Thanks I appreciate it
    4. chad moyer 0
      I'll be keeping tabs on the ice. I'll keep ya up to date. Hoping for good ice by the end of the month!
    5. Justin Nawrocki 0
      Thanks for the info. I just hope I can get out there this year.
    6. chad moyer 0
      Ice on Sunday was 5 in thick. This rain and warm temps coming up are going to mess things up for ice fishing at the lake. Caught 6 crappies, 2 nice yellow perch, ...more 8 large mouth and a chain pickeral that day. Cross your fingers for some more cold weather! Thanks bud!
    7. Justin Nawrocki 0
      How thick is the ice?
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  3. Small mouth bass with a Shadow rap

    1. metal storm 0
      going up this weekend! gonna give trolling a try up there. nice catch man!
    2. chad moyer 0
      6 smallies 1 32"striper and 15" walleye. All on down riggers. Spot fish structure and points. Fish finder was lit up trolling near the shore line and near ...more islands. Good luck!
    3. Nate Steele 0
    4. brendan heine 0
      How many did you catch total? I will be up there this weekend.
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  4. Flat head with a Chub

    1. Edward Lopuski 0
      I was trolling for that walleye
    2. joel esch 0
      Nice man i usaly use bluegill to catch flatheads be nice to see a pic of the chub u used
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  5. 18"

    3 lb. Small mouth bass with a Teaser tube

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Walleye striper and big cats
  • Waterway The river
  • Lure Whatever works