1. Details: Small Crappies


    1. Michael Tilton 0
      I fish a lot in WI too. Seem to do a lot better over there than on the metro lakes
    2. mike jansen 0
      Caught two there total in four trips. Both were 14". Most people are on the west 15' basin. Fished there once and never marked a fish
    3. Michael Tilton 0
      I see. I have only fished that lake once and all I caught was a gross bullhead.
    4. mike jansen 0
      14"........ on a shad rap, marked tons of fish. This hit 5' off the bottom
    5. Michael Tilton 0
      Good size. I'm looking for somewhere less than like half hour from me
    6. mike jansen 0
      Caught one at byllesby last saturday at noon in the bright sun right out in front of the dam in 38' of water
    7. Michael Tilton 0
      Would love to find some walleyes around the area but think I will have to drive a bit to find some.
    8. mike jansen 0
      There will be some nice fishing in that area for a few years. Won't be around much for the next couple of weeks, so it'll pretty much be crappies for me ...more when i get back to fishing
    9. Michael Tilton 0
      Size got a bit better just before dark. Was consistently catching crappies around 9". Just couldn't find any real big ones. There were definitely a lot ...more of fish down there though. Saw a nice size northern on my Aqua Vu too.
    10. mike jansen 0
      I've caught some real nice ones in that general area this year. Just keep moving about 15' at a time and wham you'll find a pocket of 11-12 inchers
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  2. Good to know. Let me know how your next trip to orchard goes

    1. Benjamin Zwack 0
      out from the beach where Mike Jansen marked "slobs"
    2. Michael Tilton 0
      What part of the lake and what depth were you fishing?
    3. Benjamin Zwack 0
      Fished orchard last night. Had steady 6-9 inch crappies from 630pm-1030pm
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  3. Been there once this year. Caught an upper 20'' northern jigging a shad rap in 13' of water just out from fishing pier off the west park. Some sunnies ...more and small perch too. Friends of mine had caught some walleyes in December in that general area. A few were over 20".

  4. Yeah it wasn't easy moving around with all the wind. Would have liked to move around a lot more but wind forced me to just hunker down. At least I was able to ...more catch a real nice northen by hunkering down. Will definitely give it another try and hopefully the weather corporates next time. You ever give Marion a try?

  5. You're pretty tuff to out exploring a new place on a day like today! Atleast you caught something. Nothing but very small crappies for me yesterday and they ...more really were fussy

  6. I fishes orchard this morning. Wind was blowing so hard was hard to get the spots I wanted to go so I had to tuck in just south of the point. Was able to catch a ...more really nice northen, decent size perch, and small crappie. Marked quite a few fish and saw a bunch of perch, crappies, and few blue gills with my Aqua vu. Nothing I threw down the hole seemed to make them want to bite though

  7. I went to orchard yesterday afternoon and evening.......worst day this year! Very SLOW. How did you do?

  8. Hope to see ya out there sometime

  9. My best day ever was 25 over 12" . I kept 5 and put all the rest back so I know there are still some big ones there

    1. Michael Tilton 0
      Oh nice. That gets me excited to get out there and try the lake
  10. I have caught big crappies on tip ups also (with shiners or fatheads after dark) along the weed line in about 9' of water. BIG crappies (12-14 )

    1. Michael Tilton 0
      How has bite been on orchard this year. Other places I been this year bite has been very slow

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