1. Details: Atlantic Stingray with a Crazy Charlie fly

    Using a 6wt fly rod with 5ips sinking line. Sight casted to a group of stingrays and bonefish and let it sink. Did two short strips and stopped, this guy can over ...more to my fly and paused, I slowly pulled until I felt his weight and set the hook

  2. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Fly fishing lake hodges. Fly used- leftys deceiver

    Fly fishing lake hodges for bass when I caught my PB of a bucktail deceiver. Sunny day. Calm water. Fishing by overhangs

    1. caden westermeyer 0
      @lewisiscool. Ya. It was in a the overflow from the dam. All the fish there were large but not fat.
    2. David Willson 0
      That's one of the skinniest fish I've ever seen, looks like he's got a huge head but a 4-5 pound body
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