1. Chip Thomas, Should I fish potato creek up to TAW CAW and the cow pasture or come over on the other side around bass island & Church island. or around Crappie ...more Neck?

  2. I have some questions about Murray, I live in Ohio and Im coming down there for a weekend looking for bass in the middle of April, was wondering if you could help ...more out? email = twitch.1302@hotmail.com thank you, put lake murray in the email subject so I don't delete it :)

  3. Wesley e-mail me, got some spots for you on Santee.

  4. Wesley the best was to find the grass for me is seeing it. I call it pepper grass, now sure what it is. But it stands out of the water and you can see it, I work ...more any and all of it, there's fish on it most of the time. After the sun get up and hot look for shady area and fish will be there also, if water is 5 to 6 ft you're in a good spot. work the out side edges of the grass it a jig or worm.