1. Big girl about 7 lb. From a pond in Grundy County Il. Pre spawn. She had a tail of a big shad in her stomach about 4" wide , she wanted my Red Eye shad.

  2. It was early summer just before dark when I caught her. She is still swimming.

    Largemouth Bass with a Jackall worm

  3. Also all were released sorry about that.

  4. Went out this weekend . 4 15 inch walleye 2 sm Bass 17" lots of small white Bass. Jig And minnows, and crankbaits.

  5. While fishing a local pond this spring I caught this 5+ pound Bass. I was fishing with my Son Ryan, he was smoking me on number of bass he had. I tied on the 1/2 ...more oz. Red Eye Shad, my choice of a reaction bait worked. I ended up having 17 bass, Ryan had 22 not a bad day. Every day fishing with my Son and Daughter is special.

    Large Mouth Bass with a Strike King Red Eye Shad