1. Hey, to Evin Eakins on sending me a buddy request. I'm honored, and will be glad to have you as a fishing buddy. My fishing is done till late April, early May. ...more Deer Season! I am still learning how to use the new stuff on fishidy, so I hope this reaches you. I will try again if this didn't' work. Happy fishing and keep sending me your catches, your fishing buddy Ed Cox.

  2. clump of pads, North side , you can see R 39 from Spot. 2 Big Red Ear that are larger than my hand! Bait meal Worms & B-Moths. Fish about A Foot Deep, then ...more go to Deeper water, as hits slow, as it gets later in the Day. Good Luck to All, Thanks for Reading.

    Red Ear & Blue Gill spot.

  3. Details: blue Gill spot

    1. Evin Eakins 0
      Can't find your mark here either


53 years old, 6'5, 315lbs and loosing! member of I.W.L.A. Griffith Chp. also one of their Archery instructors. Deer hunter, and conservationist.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Bass, Crappie, Blue Gill, walleye. Northern Pike.
  • Waterway Stone & Pine Lake.
  • Lure ones that catch fish!