1. Top water is ON

    3 lb. 14 oz. Largemouth Bass with a top water

    1. Nice one Doug
  2. I was Marshall for Jason Christie @ Elite Series Toledo Bend when he landed this 9lb 10oz bigun. My 2nd Elite Series to Marshal. Lots of fun and what a great seminar. ...more Long day in a boat with no rod in my hand!!

  3. 7lb. April 21 and she still had eggs!! WHAT?

    7 lb. Largemouth Bass with a Watermelon Wacky Worm - both ends dipped in chartruse

    1. Geoffrey Rogers 0
      Eggs in April is rare but she was probably in the last wave of spawners. I caught one is December of last year that was full of eggs but for some reason, either ...more defective scale or she would've been a half pound not pregnant because she was 2lb 1.5oz, I was so confused about it. If I would've known that she was pregnant I wouldn't have kept her for supper that night. So now from December to the beginning of May I'm not gonna keep any. The only time that I do keep any is when I'm going to cook them that night or later that week. I probably keep a total of 20 a yr.
    2. Derek Stitt 0
      Nice Largemouth!
    3. Norm Abshere 0
      Nice fish
    4. Shawn Gearinger 0
      There is always a late group that spawn during April! Great catch!
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  4. Toledo Bend - they are out here for sure. Gotta find em. Caught plenty of 14"-16" now looking for HAWGS!

  5. Bassmasters Elite @ Toledo Bend. I was lucky to Marshal for 2 days. Day one with Ish Monroe. He came in 3rd. What a lesson on jig fishing!!

    1. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Awesome bass!
    2. Doug Gillikin 0
      Mostly 3/4 jig in buck brush about 2-4' shady side of brush. Middle of the day. Also throwing a frog behind brush in the middle of the day and catching 3-4lbers. ...more Jig was black and blue with black and blue trailer. He flips to a target 20' away and hits a dime.. Awesome display
    3. Tyler Curry 0
      I heard he was fishing I huge jig in shallow water. Is that true?
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  6. Isolated Grass

    7 lb. 60 in. Largemouth Bass with a Baby Brush Hog

    1. Doug Gillikin 0
      Green w red flakes. The red really shows up under water. I also always use a red 3/0 H&H Flutter hook 1/8 oz. The weight is on the shank. Makes it flutter as ...more it drops. KILLER on Toldeo Bend. If u have a hard time finding the hooks email me doug0761@gmail.com
    2. Chris DuBose 0
      What color brush hog?
    3. Kirk Van Huis 0
      Very nice...
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  7. Ok, full post spawn is on. Scattered near creeks and following balls of baitfish. Get to know your electronics and make fine adjustments. You will see the baitfish ...more with bigger fish on the outside. Rattletraps, chatter bait, spinners, etc.

  8. Toledo Bend. Ok, spawn is still on but some of the females are moving off beds. Gotta throw behind hay grass w something seedless. I prefer Baby Brush Hog w 1/8 ...more oz weighted hook. Get ready, she's gonna pull hard.
    Happy Easter

    1. Marcus Brister 0
      Wear 'em out Mr. Doug! Happy Easter
  9. Details: Doug n Stacy Camp

    1. Doug Gillikin 0
      Well Marcus, even the best laid plans can fall apart. I too was on vacation this week to fish, fish, fish. Turned out it all ended on Tuedsay afternoon. I had to ...more come back to Lafayette for the rest of the week and guess what? It's been raining here too. Good luck next week at The Ray.
    2. Marcus Brister 0
      Thank you Mr. Doug. Everything was sure lining up for an unbelievable couple weeks at the camp. I've seen some pics. That's just about right...lol. Looks ...more like Rayburn fared a little better...guess I'll go snoopin around over there tomorrow. Oh well, at least I won't be workin!
    3. Doug Gillikin 0
      Marcus, don't know how long gates will stay open. At least another week +. Lot of water still coming down Sabine from Logensport area
    4. Doug Gillikin 0
      Marcus, good luck brother. Gonna be tough fishing for several weeks. Going to need a canoe to get deep enough in woods
    5. Marcus Brister 0
      Well, nevermind....I just saw some pics of Pendleton bridge. Damn!
    6. KM Anderson 0
      I was up there two weekends in a row caughting really nice fish on a crank bait and flipping beds
    7. Marcus Brister 0
      That's about my luck though... I took a weeks vacation next week...I'll be up there for 12 days. Trying to stay optimistic! :) Looks like I'll be ...more baiting limb lines or doing yard work...lol
    8. Marcus Brister 0
      Hey Doug, I'm headed up tomorrow. My camp is over in Sandy creek. Y'all heard how long they plan to leave all 9 gates wide open? If the rains over and they ...more keep dumping like they are it should pull down pretty quick. With all the rain the water temp should've come back down...You don't think it could all start over again?
    9. Doug Gillikin 0
      Flooded now. Spawn is over. Muddy water and so far back in the trees u can't get to the bedding fish. Possibly post spawn in a month but over for spawn. Glad ...more I caught 4 good days of it
    10. KM Anderson 0
      how is T Bend it looks like all the rain that was supposed it Houston hit up that area hard
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  10. Details: 8 lb. Largemouth with a Brush Hog

    Watermelon Green

    1. Geoffrey Rogers 0
      They love those watermelon brush hogs...I picked up a pk of watermelon red already have watermelon candy or cotton candy, haven't looked at pk in a while


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