1. Trying to catch a catfish, but my 2 yr old pulled in a smallie instead!

    12 oz. 12 in. Smallmouth bass with a raw shrimp

  2. From the shore near the rocks

    10 oz. 5 in. Yellow perch with a live red worm

  3. Winter water temps bring these 40-60lb Goliaths into the canals in 6ft of water. Incoming tide, 40lbs of drag set, and hang on.

    Goliath Grouper with a Half of a saltwater catfish

  4. Sight casting at dusk on secluded docks. 51 inch, 40.25 lbs. The 7' St croix kept the pressure on with 20lb braid to keep her out of the pilings.

    Snook with a DEA Shrimp

  5. White Crappie with a Black And Chartruese Tube Jig


Grew up on rivers and creeks in Southern Illinois, but love the lakes Ohio has to offer. Been learning all these waters since 02. If it swims, ...more I enjoy fishing for it. Spring Crappie, Night time summer Largemouth, and Catfish, Carp, and Freshwater Drum.