1. Casting and drifting from 4' to 20'. Caught most on steep drop-offs.

    Hybrid Striped Bass with a crankbaits

  2. Ended up catching 7 Reds and about 50 Stripers. Kept the 35", 28" and 24" Reds and a few 181/2" to 20" Stripers. Was a good day despite ...more the rain and wind.

  3. Little wet at Braunig right now -/- Caught 6 - 20" Stripers and a 28" Red before the downpour started. Drying out a little before I go back out. Have ...more some Jug lines out gotta check before the day is over.

  4. Casting along NE of island

    15 lb. 33 in. Red Drum with a swimmin' shad

    1. GARY WIGLEY 0
      Nice fishing around the Island Skip
  5. Stripers 18" to 20"

    22 lb. 36 in. Hybrid Striped Bass with a swimming minnow

    1. Rocky s 0
      Nice fish ...great catches
    2. GARY WIGLEY 0
      Nice fish Skip...
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  6. 12 lb. 30 in. Red Drum with a Diving minnow, Bass crankbaits

    1. GARY WIGLEY 0
      They love them diving minnows and Rat L Traps don't they!

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Largemouth Bass, Redfish, Sea Trout, Striper