1. 26 in. Walleye with a Lindy Crawler/Leech Rig

  2. Smallmouth Bass with a Leech

    1. Bobby Tucker 0
      you're welcome!
    2. M Craig 0
      Thanks for the tip
    3. Bobby Tucker 0
      yes on the east side. I've never fished for pike out there. Try fishing some of those spots on the river where there is grass. Pike love to use grass as an ambush ...more point.
    4. M Craig 0
      I can never find the northern pike though. You ever catch them?
    5. M Craig 0
      The parking lot on the east side of the park??? I put my canoe in there sometimes.
    6. Bobby Tucker 0
      Thats whats up! I catch some big ones in that little parking area next to the campgrounds
    7. M Craig 0
      Love catching smallies in that current!
    8. M Craig 0
      Yes sir. Little spot I canoe to.
    9. Bobby Tucker 0
      Is that at the state Park?
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