1. Details: Smallmouth - Largemouth with a 3.5 inch swimbait

    Slow roll a 3.5 inch swimbait with a 1/4 ounce jig head and bring it off the point. There is a quick drop that the bait will come over and they stage on the edge ...more of it. Caught a 4 pound smallmouth and a 6 1/4 largemouth on the point.

    1. Joseph Wright 0
      How's the fishing there now this is my first time on the lake there
  2. Details: Boat ramp & rock

    Long concrete boat ramp with big rock on the left of it.

    1. Paul Dotson 0
      I would love to have the gps markings for this spot. Perhaps I can assist U on Cherokee.
  3. Details: Deep Summer Time Rock

    Perfect for 10 inch worms and deep diving crankbaits.

  4. Details: Summer Time Hump

    Long point makes a perfect hump for summer time bass when the water comes up.

  5. Details: Long rocky point

    Shallow point with a lot of rock.

  6. Details: Brush Piles

    Scattered brush piles


I fish South Eastern tournaments for a living. My home lake is Douglas Lake.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Largemouth
  • Waterway Douglas
  • Lure Zoom Z-hog - 1/2oz tungsten weight - 4/0 Trokar flipping hook