1. Smallies are getting bigger in the Great Lakes and Inland Lakes due to the invasive Gobie. State Record held since 1906 was broken last year. A 9.33 lb Smalley was ...more caught in northern Michigan on Hubbard Lake. Many stories of bigger fish abound.

    This fish is pushing 7lbs.

  2. Smallies are just fun.

  3. Stockin' up for a fish fry.

  4. Nice morning on Fletchers Floodwaters.

    1. Donny Hartman 0
      One of my favorite Largy Lakes.
  5. Secret Smallie hole.

  6. More Fletchers Floodwaters.

  7. FLetcher's Floodwaters Largys. Stiil a great lake with no pleasure craft. Stumpy though.

  8. Channel fishing the fall migration.

    Walleyes with a Finesse worm

  9. Fishing the channel leading to the Dam during the Fall migration.

    Walleye with a 1/4oz jig tipped with a finesse worm.

    1. Frank Caruso 0
      Hi Donnie I am looking to buy a house in Hillman never fished Thunder bay. Love to fish see you have a nice Walleye there, Will like the fishing on Thunder Bay I ...more really know nothing about it. Just what I read on site. If you don't mind could you tell me a little what I my exspect I will be real close to the town of Hillman Thank you Frank


Was a member of the Detroit based band The Frost from 1967 to 1971. I've been fishing since I was little. Moved to Northern, Mi when I was ...more 11 years old and fished from that time til the present. i was a Fishing Guide for several years and a staff guide at Jacks Landing on Fletcher Floodwaters thru the 90's. Still play music and fish every chance I get.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Bass,Pike,Walleye, Blue Gills and Crappie.
  • Waterway Lots of great local lake and river fishing within 50 miles of home.
  • Lure Love Jigging with finesse worms.