1. Details: Good Ramp with stuff around it

    1. Gabe Kirkham 0
      Cranking around the ramp and flipping the banks on both sides of the ramp with creature baits.
    2. Hunter Schneider 0
      mind telling me what you caught those fish on
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  2. Details: Nice coves with docks

    Two nice coves with plenty of docks and structure. Don't know depth but will find out soon. Good for summer when fish are staging on structure looking for shade. ...more Flip some texas rigs or some jigs up in the structure or under the docks and you may get bit if conditions are right.

    1. matthew mckitrick 0
      yeah it’s only 3 feet never caught a bass there
    2. dicksey normis 0
      it is only about 3 feet deep
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  3. Details: Docks that hold bed fish.

    Hard to get back there but if you do, fish bed under these docks and around them.

  4. Details: Huge drop off

    Goes from 5ft to 30ft real quick. Ledge baits are key here.


I fish the IBF and my dream is to go big in tournaments and fish against the legends like Mike Iaconelli.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass
  • Waterway I've allways wanted to go to Lake Okechobee.
  • Lure If I could pick one lure (Very hard decision) would be a Jig.