1. how has the fishing been on pines? im taking a trip down there this weekend and any advice would be helpful.

    1. Jackson OShea 0
      Yes we caught 15 on chatterbaits and swim jigs. No big ones
    2. Frank Canizaro 0
      Did u do any good I was guna go this weekend
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  2. Is this a mean mouth?

    1. Tyler T 0
      I think that's a spotted bass
    2. tacticalscissors 0
      Looks like a spot to me. I'm pretty sure we don't have mean mouths In Arkansas
    3. pondking 0
      Looks like it's a Guadeloupe bass maybe but your not in Texas
    4. wyatt545 0
      Might be a spotted bass but I'm not sure if there is a healthy population of large and smallmouths in the lake it could be
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  3. Does anybody have any tips for table rock lake this time of year? I am taking a trip there this weekend and I would like to get on some good fish.

    1. ArkFishing34 0
      Just roll with a black fluke, fish love it.
    2. Kaden Baskins 0
      10-15 feet shad KDV crank. All day
    3. kanawha river 0
      Near big cedar is good in the AM for spots on top water. good luck and be safe.
    4. kanawha river 0
      The state park is a good place to put in on that part of the lake. The bridge there should be good to. I saw KVD fishing there on a TV show. I caught one 8 inch ...more small mouth there but I can't fish.
    5. Jackson OShea 0
      Thanks! @kanawha
    6. kanawha river 0
      Move deeper as the day goes on. point 15 (I think) is in that same area. it can be good at times. If you are a drop shot person fish the tree tops in the deep water ...more on the main lake.
    7. kanawha river 0
      I always did good in the cape fair area. They have a ramp at the bridge that is free. The down side is no dock. on the other side from the ramp is a bluff wall. ...more Parallel it with top water in the AM.
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  4. Does anybody have any tips/patterns for table rock lake this time of year? I am taking a trip up to there next week and I would like to get on some fish.

    1. Andy Negus 0
      I'm here now also, staying in aunts creek, and been throwing a white or chrome 1oz flutter spoon around deep docks, jumps and main lake points. Haven't even ...more picked up another rod.
    2. M Morrison 0
      I agree with Jenny, Pete gives a weekly report. Also try Ozarkanglers.com, or Eric Prey has a fishing report as well
    3. Sammy Young 0
      40-45' and you'll find the big ones!!
    4. Jenny Orlowski 0
      We are here now and took a trip with Eric Prey from Focused Fishing yesterday. Too water bite is on early in the morning and after that it's a deep drop shot ...more pattern over trees around 25-35 foot. Finesse tactics deep rule Table Rock this time of year!
    5. Bass Fishmoore 0
      Mo Dept of Conservation also emails a weekly fishing report on Thursday.
    6. Bass Fishmoore 0
      There are 2 good weekly fishing reports on YouTube that are handy. Pete Wenners posts his on Wednesday and Focused Fishing posts theirs on Tuesday. Lotta info listen ...more close.
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  5. 3 of the fish from my 19lb bag this weekend.

    Largemouth Bass with a Buzzbaits

    1. SaFisher5 0
      Sweet haul!!
  6. Anybody wanna buy a daiwa black widow?6:3:1 spooled with 50lb power pro braid

    1. Jackson OShea 0
      65 shipped @jorden
    2. jorden 0
      How mutch
    3. Austin Buley 0
      That has a lot of wear to be 65...
    4. Jackson OShea 0
      65 shipped @hunt_adict
    5. hunt_adict 0
    6. Jackson OShea 0
      65 shipped @floattubeguy12
    7. floattubeguy12 0
      how much
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  7. Any body want to buy some kvd square bills? 2.5s and 1.5s

    1. Angler10 0
      Oh ok
    2. Jackson OShea 0
      I'm selling them all together @Angler10
    3. Angler10 0
      I just need one
    4. Jackson OShea 0
      55 shipped @Angler10
    5. Angler10 0
      How much ?
    6. Jackson OShea 0
      I have only used one of them and it is still in good condition @tacticalscissors
    7. tacticalscissors 0
      Used I'm guessing
    8. Jackson OShea 0
      55 shipped @tacticalscissors
    9. tacticalscissors 0
      How much?
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  8. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Spro frog

    Caught some nice fish today all on frogs. I fished the frog around submerged trees and pads. Setup: Duckett 7"2 heavy Lews super duty 7:3:1 50lb power ...more pro Spro frog. The lews super duty reel is excellent for frogs. It allows for a long cast and the power to get the fish out of the heavy cover.

    1. Salvador_Whitaker 0
      Nice set up