1. Heys guys I have a college tournament coming up here in early march and I'm coming from NC. My buddy is coming up there just to fish in his boat and he was just ...more curious where would be some good spots to catch a big smallmouth. Last year we came in late march and had a blast but he didn't catch one smallmouth. Any tips or advice for my friend?

    1. Ryan Houser 0
      Alex this counts as quasi legal social media. As long as you don't pay for secret info from a guide something public like this is fine
    2. Ryan Houser 0
      Alex we will have beer
    3. Thad Smith 0
      Go for it
    4. alex thornton 0
      Well unfortunately Thad during practice I will not be able to talk to anyone, its part of the rules . However if you dont mind you can talk to my buddy that wants ...more to catch smallmouth. Ill be looking for largemouth
    5. alex thornton 0
      alright ill see you there ryan!
    6. Thad Smith 0
      Look me up when you get here and I can show you a couple of my spots for smallies. I am hunting crappie that time of year
    7. Ryan Houser 0
      See you there! I'm from Fairmont State.
    8. Ryan Houser 0
      See you there! I'm from Fairmont State University.
    9. alex thornton 0
      Thanks Thad! we really appreciate it back in NC a 2lb to 3lb smallmouth is huge hopefully he will get a new personal best
    10. alex thornton 0
      ok thanks Thad I know last time he was really hoping to catch a good smallie but just didn't happen and it kinda bummed him down
    11. Thad Smith 0
      If you put in at hurricane creek and fish the rock bluffs that has always caught some good smallies
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  2. Hey guys I'm coming to pickwick in may from North Carolina to fish in a college tournament can anyone give me some advice on what the fish will be doing I figured ...more the ledge fishing would probably be pretty good in may since Alabama stays a lot warmer year round than North Carolina and the fish may be post spawn, any advice?

    1. Justin Payne 0
      The horse shoe will always be good, also try the current line off the point of jackson island. Down the river you could catch fish around natchez trace bridge and ...more also second creek bridge. Best of luck!
    2. alex thornton 0
      but if the water temp has been cool will the smallmouth still be on normal spawning schedule or no?
    3. alex thornton 0
      Dude that would be awsome! ill have to see when i get there because on may the 18th practice starts and then i cant fish with anyone accept with my partner. Would ...more you mind talking over the phone?
    4. Skee Blaster 0
      Hit me up if you want to go.
    5. Skee Blaster 0
      Ledge fishing will be hit or miss. Winter lasted too long. Fish just started spawning.
    6. alex thornton 0
      if you want you can contact me through my email
    7. alex thornton 0
      we are putting in at the big boat ramp at Mcfarland park were bass goes out of
    8. Ernest Cole 0
      Where will you be putting in at. I mostly fish the area from Bear Creek back to Pickwick dam.
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I fish The FLW, BASS, And cabelas ACA trails and fish for UNC Greensboro. This websites seems very useful and it really helps me figure lakes ...more I have never fished before!

Fishing Favorites

  • Species largemouth, Smallmouth and spotted bass
  • Waterway kentucky lake, Falls Lake, Buggs island/ Kerr lake
  • Lure Whatever catches fish the best for that given day!